Bear Deliveries ‘clarification’ muddles the recipe further

Alex Kaufman

In Friday’s Student Life, Philip Taub and Jordan Zipkin, the founders of the new Bear Deliveries program, attempted to clarify the design of the planned service. However, their description of the program appeared to have several inconsistencies and demonstrated a clear lack of vision.

The pair made the unsubstantiated claim that “Bear Deliveries…will not have any impact on the current or future prices by [sic] Bon Appétit,” while simultaneously asserting that the “cost of the program is part-time employee wages.” Of course, we all know that people don’t work for free, so if the new labor costs are not to be factored into prices, perhaps they will be taken from the salaries of current employees, or perhaps employees will be forced to take on the additional task of making deliveries without a pay increase. Either solution seems incredibly unfair to the employees, who already work in an overcrowded setting for long hours, and to students, who face long lines even without being cut in front of by online orders.

Taub and Zipkin seem to say that they will make all deliveries themselves, and yet their vision includes serving students “who have straight classes” and setting up “pickup locations.” Notwithstanding the fact that people who have class will not be on the South 40 and that we already have an ideal “pickup location” in Bear’s Den, Taub and Zipkin cannot seriously expect to organize and perform all these services themselves. Yet, they provide no explanation of how these services might operate.

Finally, Taub and Zipkin reveal that part of their plan concerns an increase in Bon Appétit’s profit. Personally, I’m far more concerned about the salaries and responsibilities of Wash. U. employees, which might be in jeopardy, than I am about the back end of a multimillion-dollar company.

While their goal of reducing student stress from long waiting times is a good one, Bear Deliveries has yet to disclose the source and effects of its funding or the scope of personnel and services it will provide. Mr. Taub and Mr. Zipkin are welcome to bring food from Bear’s Dem to anyone they like for no charge, but if they intend to create a larger program, their plans should be clearly expressed before Bon Appétit agrees to cooperate further.

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