A response from Ellie Kirshenbaum

Ellie Kirshenbaum

Dear Student Union,

What does Bristol Palin know about college abstinence? As a teenage mother, she failed to abstain from sex or to attend college. I’m extremely frustrated that part of my already steep tuition is extending Bristol Palin’s 15 minutes of fame and furthering Sarah Palin’s own ambitious political agenda. Bristol’s rise to fame as the daughter of a failed vice presidential candidate created controversy and invited mockery. Rather than investing money in someone who could speak knowledgably about the issues at hand, Wash. U. is spending money on a pseudo-celebrity who has minimal credibility. Well-educated students are aware of the transparency of the political motivations behind this tactic and are unlikely to buy into Bristol Palin’s message. This assumption that we’ll listen to what she has to say takes sexual safety, a legitimate concern, and unnecessarily politicizes the discussion and diminishes its seriousness.

Next time, SU, don’t pay for Sex Week speakers just because they were on “Dancing with the Stars.”

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