A responce from Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz

Dear members of Treasury,

I know you’ve been getting a lot of crap from people for voting to fund the recent SHAC appeal. I want to let you know that I support your decision.

This event will no doubt draw a huge crowd, which isn’t something that happens often here at Wash. U. The controversy surrounding SHAC’s appeal is thought-provoking, not necessarily a bad thing. If Bristol Palin wasn’t coming, many fewer people would be thinking about the abstinence issue.

Many students fail to realize that this was not a political decision, and even if it was, Bristol Palin is not a politician. I, for one, am very excited to hear Palin speak about her experiences as a 20-year-old thrust into the national spotlight.

I urge you to not take criticism too seriously. Don’t let it bother you. If people are so upset about $20,000, tell them that SU officers work for free, while students pay $40,000 each year for CS40 officers’ free housing.

Thank you for taking the time to make these hard decisions.


Michael Schwartz
BU 2013

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