Before you use your fake ID at W.I.L.D.

Office of Student Conduct (OSC)

This weekend, students will converge upon Brookings Quadrangle for fun, music and dancing. Every year, W.I.L.D. draws huge numbers of students, the vast majority of whom follow the few, lenient rules that Washington University imposes for the event. Unfortunately, there are always a small number of students who choose to test the limits of what the University allows. One problem, in particular, is the use of fake IDs by students who are under the legal drinking age. So, before you use a fake ID at W.I.L.D., you should know the facts:

Washington University’s Student Judicial Code expressly prohibits students from “possessing, or providing false identification to any appropriate University official or designee upon reasonable request” (III. A. 15). All Washington University Police Department and outside security personnel fall under University official or designee.

  • The OSC handled 25 fake ID incidents last year.
  • Students who are caught using a fake ID may be fined $400.
  • A finding of a judicial code violation will follow you. Often, students are required to report their judicial records on the following:
    • Medical, law and other professional school applications
    • Graduate school applications
    • Government job applications
    • Study abroad applications
    • Resident advisor applications

W.I.L.D. is proven to be very important to the student body. No small amount of student money is spent each semester to recruit popular and up-and-coming acts. Students often anticipate being able to relax, take their minds off of work and enjoy the concerts with their friends. With that in mind, do not let this W.I.L.D. become a source of regret!

Have a fun weekend and stay safe!

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