Missouri Democratic primary: Why you should vote

Zachary Opengart | Wash. U. College Democrats

Martin Luther King tells us “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” So let me be loud and clear: The state of our country is at stake. The next election may be one of the most important of our lifetime. The president is an international embarrassment. Bigotry and hate have crept their way into the highest office in the land. Children are in cages. U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously agree a foreign power interfered in our election and is planning on doing so again. The leader of the free world is a reality TV show host with 23 accusations of sexual assault. We can do better. We must do better.

Young voters in particular have strongly rejected the president and his rhetoric. Two years ago, youth turnout was the highest ever recorded in a midterm election. That’s an incredible statistic, but we must continue to build from there. On March 10th, the Democratic Primary will be held in the state of Missouri. As Washington University students, we have an opportunity to make our voices heard and elect a president who will represent our values.

When you cast your ballot, you will help choose who the president will face in November. The candidates in the Democratic field have executive or legislative experience, progressive policy proposals and a respect for the truth—all things the president lacks. Every candidate on the Democratic ballot has common-sense proposals that are supported by the vast majority of the population, such as common sense gun legislation, protecting reproductive rights, campaign finance reform and comprehensive healthcare for those who need it most. Whether you want to build on the legacy of Barack Obama like Joe Biden, you want enact big, structural change like Elizabeth Warren or you want to start a political revolution like Bernie Sanders, if you’re passionate about the future of our country, it’s critical that you turn out to vote.

If we continue to ignore the facts, if we fail to act, if we fall prey to hate, it is our generation more than any that will face the consequences. We are the generation that will be most impacted by issues like climate change and student loan debt. In a close, crowded primary field, every single vote counts. Each one of us has the opportunity to impact the direction of the Democratic Party for generations to come.

So please, for the sake of democracy, make sure you vote. On March 10, vote for your preferred candidate, show your support and let’s kick Donald Trump out of the White House for good.

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