Letter from the Editors

and | Editors in Chief

Dear readers,

The Student Life website was updated to include our editorial policies as an independent publication on the Washington University campus today. Such policies inform our reporting and editorial decisions and reflect those of independent news organizations nationally.


Student Life is committed to fair and factual reporting. If there is a factual inaccuracy published, we will correct that error online and add an editor’s note to the article. If you notice an error, please email [email protected]

Conflict of Interest

Student Life is committed to fair and factual reporting, and in the pursuit of those standards, undertakes a policy regarding conflicts of interest. Reporters may not report on organizations or movements with which they are involved.


The news section is wholly separate from the editorial sections of the newspaper. Opinion pieces reflect the opinions of the writer, not of the paper. We reserve the right to reject op-eds for any reason, namely for being sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist or otherwise hateful or factually inaccurate.


We will grant confidentiality to op-ed authors if the material they write may put them in danger. Anonymous op-eds are subjected to the same level of scrutiny and editing for clarity and accuracy as other op-ed pieces.

On the record: Attributable to the source by name.

On background: Quotable, but not attributable to the source by name.

Off the record: Not quotable.

If a source wishes to speak on background or off the record, they must say so before their statement. Being off the record is an agreement between the reporter and the source. It is the duty of the reporter to ask the source if they may record an interview.


We will maintain the same fair standards following our policies with respect to all sources. Student Life will not make exceptions to any of its policies for sources.

Coverage of Public Events

Student Life will consider all comments at open meetings and events to be on the record, and all actions at public meetings reportable.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Thank you for your continued readership,

Elena Quinones and Emma Baker

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