Joe Biden’s myth of electability

Thomas Humphrey | Staff Writer

Everything you need to know about Joe Biden supporters, past and present, can be summarized by the website “,” created as a promotion for Trident Gum in 2009. The website features the “Battle Hymn of Hygiene,” as well as hundreds of Joe Biden fan comments about how radiant and inspiring his teeth are. Here’s the thing: Biden’s teeth are probably fake. Several online dentists looking at his teeth have posited that he has a full set of implants. And yet Biden’s teeth became a part of his persona as smiling and laughing Joe back in his 2012 vice presidential debates against Paul Ryan. Biden is steeped in artifice, even more than most politicians.

For evidence of Biden’s disingenuousness, one needs to look no further than his 1988 presidential campaign. In this campaign, he lifted portions of his speeches directly from both Margaret Thatcher and her rival Neil Kinnock. This was added to an admission he made to the New York Times in 1987 about plagiarizing while he was in law school. Clearly Biden is no longer plagiarizing his speeches, considering the fact that he can barely utter a coherent sentence on stage. It is outside the scope of this article to list all of his verbal flubs, but one of my favorites was said at a recent Iowa campaign speech, Biden uttered “[M]y long friend time friend who’s a friend and has been a friend in and out of public life”.

There is this great pressure from centrist democrats to accept Joe Biden in order to get Trump out of the white house. Dr. Jill Biden, his wife, perfectly articulated this whole backwards attitude when, in an MSNBC interview, she told voters to “swallow a little bit” and vote for Joe. She emphasizes his so-called electability in comparison to other candidates, which has become a common refrain of mainstream political discourse.

This electability concept is completely bogus. Both Quinnipiac University Poll and Public Policy Polling have found all democratic frontrunners beat Trump in national roles. And really, why do people think only Biden could win? To me, it seems like Biden is actively falling apart right now, and he certainly wouldn’t fare any better in a presidential election. Having the next year of his life constantly under the scrutiny of the national press, Biden would collapse.

Biden’s closet is full of skeletons from his legislative past, such as his display of great moderation and compromise by working with segregationist politicians. Or the 1994 crime bill he helped write, which many have accused of contributing to mass incarceration. Or the time he proposed that we should criminalize raves and arrest promoters. The list goes on. When you are a senator from Delaware, a state in which there are more corporate entities than there are people, I guess you have to represent your constituents.

It is extremely difficult to find legitimately good achievements out of his political career other than being Obama’s vice president. And that’s really all he’s running on; he is trying to brand himself as Obama term three. That’s why it’s a mistake to put credence into his high poll position this early. The campaign right now is all about name recognition, and Joe Biden has the most of it. If people can get it out of their head that Biden is the only way and actually look at this guy, I am confident he would drop completely in the polls.

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