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| Editor-In-Chief

Dear readers,

In today’s news section, you will find a story entitled “FYC makes plan to cancel small pre-o programs.” It should be noted that Student Life has been running a small pre-orientation program known as Freshman Press for around 20 years, and therefore, there is not a single member of our editorial staff who does not feel strongly about the implications of the First Year Center’s decision.

That said, it would be a disservice to both leaders at the First Year Center and the hundreds of students who have participated in small programs not to dedicate sufficient space and coverage to this story.

The writers and editors of the news story have taken every step to remove their personal biases by interviewing representatives from both sides of the issue and allowing the various sources to speak for themselves.

Our personal feelings are expressed in today’s staff editorial, and no one involved with the writing and editing of the news story has been involved with the writing of the staff editorial.

This is typical of any topic that is covered in both our news and forum sections. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any further questions or concerns.

Thank you for your readership and understanding.

—Megan Magray

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