Don’t forget to have fun

| Former Editor-in-Chief

As a journalist, I always try to keep my own voice out of my writing and strive to finish everything on deadline. For this column, I have broken both of those rules.

Sitting and reflecting on my time at Wash. U., I’ve drawn a blank on what to write about here. I could fill this entire issue reflecting on and critiquing University policy, the administration and campus affairs, but that would give off the wrong impression about how much I’ve enjoyed my time here. Just as easily, I could fill this space with nostalgic reminiscing about my college career, attempting to illustrate some broad, esoteric lesson explaining the meaning of college. Instead, I’m going to set my sights on a message slightly more earthy: have fun.

After four years of writing for Student Life, it’s hard to believe that this is my last contribution to the paper. I’ve covered a nationally televised debate, bubble wrap covering Bowles Plaza and everything in between. I’ve interviewed students, faculty and staff on countless subjects and spent more sleepless nights than I’d care to admit on the third floor of the Danforth Center pushing to finish the paper before deadline. Student Life has defined my college experience, offering me a support system, great friendships and amazing memories. Most of all, Student Life has been a space to be myself and to enjoy.

Whether you will be on campus next year or off in the “real world” somewhere, I hope you can find that space for yourself. Be it a campus organization, a job, community service or something else, find a place where you can have fun and be accepted. There is a lot to be seen in the world and lots to accomplish, but the best things will follow from simply stepping back and having fun.

This is certainly not the most profound advice in the world, but it is important and worth sharing.

To my family and friends who have kept me sane throughout the last four years, I say thank you. For the runs in Forest Park, for listening to my crazy ideas or for just taking my phone calls whenever I’ve needed to talk, I am more appreciative than you could ever know.

To all the Student Life staff members who will be here next year, good luck: treasure every story and every late night (Kate and Josh, I’m looking at you). Every issue, you will have the opportunity to meet amazing people from every part of campus—take advantage of that, and you will have an amazing time.

To the rest of the University community: thank you for everything that you have allowed me to experience. The students, faculty and staff here give the University its character and have created an incredibly special atmosphere that I am glad to have taken part in.

Whether you are graduating this month or whether you will be here next year, live and enjoy, you have great opportunities ahead of you.

Sam can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

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