Register, and vote yes on Prop A

St. Louis has another chance in April to pump some much-needed money into its struggling Metro system. Although Proposition M originally failed in November 2008, it will be back on the ballot as Proposition A—a slightly revised version of its predecessor.

Proposition M was proposed legislation that would fund Metro transportation through a half-cent sales tax increase in St. Louis County. Had Prop M passed, an estimated 80 million dollars would have been put into public transportation in the St. Louis area.

Unfortunately, we blew it—Prop M failed to pass in 2008. As a result, operating hours were shortened and stops were slashed, among other changes. As Wash. U. students, an overwhelming majority of us rely on public transportation in some way, shape or form throughout our student lives.

There is an upside, however—we have been given another shot at the proposition, now slightly modified and rebranded as Proposition A. While the name has changed, the bill’s soul remains intact: Prop A seeks to charge a half-cent sales tax to fund transit service expansion.

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As students, we owe it not only to ourselves individually, but to other students and community members on campus that depend on public transportation for their daily needs, to make sure we vote for the measure in April.

But there is a catch: You must register by March 10 in order to be eligible to vote on the bill in April. Registration is as easy as making a trip to the Gephardt Institute on campus. Being proactive is crucial in ensuring eligibility. The more people who register, the better the chance that Proposition A will pass and the Wash. U. community and St. Louis community subsequently reap the benefits from a thriving public transportation system.

We can’t let this opportunity pass us by again—register as soon as possible.

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