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Dear Top Care employees,

Thank you.

That’s probably not something you hear very often. Wash. U. students are a courteous and talkative bunch, but we typically don’t take the time to thank complete strangers. Strangers you unfortunately are—a group of nameless men and women (mostly men). Maybe you should wear name tags like Bon Appétit employees do so that we’ll feel more inclined to utter a “Good morning” between sips of hot coffee. Regardless of your names, you are members of the University community who certainly deserve a lot of credit for making our campus gorgeous.

Simply put, you make pleasant scenery inherent to Wash. U. In the spring, you single-handedly guide the campus back into beauty with blossoming flowers and pruned bushes. All we students do is walk past your masterpieces, furiously texting our friends. In the summer, you brave the heat and humidity to keep the grass mown and well manicured. Visiting students and parents often mention how amazing the campus looks. I wish I could take the credit, but I don’t do much beyond occasionally picking up litter. Wash. U.’s secret to attracting top-notch students isn’t the great food or superb academics—it’s Top Care.

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In the fall, there is nothing like walking along Mudd Field, gazing at the reds and golds of autumn. Every minute, a leaf flutters to the ground, slowly turning the lawns from green into orange. But I bet that when they become brown and brittle, they don’t pick themselves up. Right now, you keep Wash. U. navigable despite the persistent slush and snow. At 7 a.m., I’m snoozing in bed, but you’re salting the sidewalks. At noon I’m done for the day, but you’ll be on campus for several more hours. Thanks to you, I made it to class yesterday without breaking a leg. I feel a bit better now about the latest tuition hike, having realized at least part of it helps you do your jobs well.

So as you shovel the snow from the sidewalks, know that we students appreciate you and your great work. We know you often give up your weekends to keep us satisfied; we know that on days when no one wants to be outside, you are. On behalf of everyone, thank you.

Yours truly,

Cyrus Bahrassa

Cyrus is a sophomore in Arts & Sciences. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].

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