Ke$ha’s got class

| Staff Columnist

I love Ke$ha, it’s true. I think she’s fun and witty, and her upbeat, carefree songs like “Tik Tok” can get virtually anyone dancing. Now some of my friends have criticized this recent pop sensation as “brainless, crude and just ridiculous,” but I disagree with their characterization. Ke$ha’s songs take a casual view of serious issues such as drinking, but she never claims them to be anything but a fun time. She even says, “With this record, I just want to make people happy,” and by watching people dance to her songs she seems to have accomplished her goal.

While Ke$ha’s music may be crass and make the artist appear unintelligent, a recent piece by National Public Radio changed my opinion. As NPR states, Ke$ha actually had a very high SAT score and was serious enough about academics to attend Cold War history classes at a nearby college after a day at school simply because she found the topic “so interesting.” Ke$ha was also participating in the International Baccalaureate Program in high school and was heading to Columbia University in order to study psychology before she dropped out of high school.

So what can Ke$ha’s seemingly crazy antics tell her fans about life? Though Ke$ha had a promising and prestigious academic path in front of her, she chose to follow her passion and has now done even better in the music world than she did in school. Ke$ha possesses a self-professed love of learning, but she seems to be supremely well-balanced. She was able to juggle preparations for a future career in music while keeping up with a challenging academic load in high school. Albeit, Ke$ha’s mother is in the music industry, so following in her mother’s footsteps was not a blind leap of faith. But Ke$ha’s spunk, that can at times border on a disregard for the rules, is at least partially admirable. The artist claims that she had no “backup plan” in case she did not succeed in her music career. Like her lyrics, Ke$ha’s story about how she snuck into Prince’s house and left him her demo CD shows her general lack of fear and refusal to accept limits, which has undoubtedly helped her career to take off.

Another argument against the artist has been how hackneyed her topics seem. But c’mon now. This is pop music that we are talking about, and its purpose isn’t to reveal the meaning of life. The ridiculousness of Ke$ha’s lyrics and music video combined with accounts of her intellectual ability makes it seem likely that she is actually making fun of pop culture to an extent, and her refusal to take herself seriously certainly provides enjoyment for her audience, which she has claimed to be her only goal all along.

Ke$ha says that she’s proud of her new album. It’s not “rocket science… [nor] brain surgery,” but rather an outright enjoyment and appreciation of “fun, youth and life.” With her academic credentials to support her, she stands firm when she states, “I’m not a moron, so there.” And while it’s true that not all that glitters is gold, Ke$ha certainly glitters, literally, and for right now anyway, she seems to be rocking the music charts. Now anytime I’m feeling down, I’ll pull up something by Ke$ha and be reminded of some fun, and that I shouldn’t always take myself too seriously.

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