Ruminations on Facebook and Texts From Last Night

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(Godiva Reisenbichler | Student Life)

(Godiva Reisenbichler | Student Life)

As finals approach and my brain stews in its own juices, I have been ruminating on the fusion between Texts From Last Night and Facebook. The merger is purely unofficial, and Facebook has made no attempt to incorporate TFLN into its massive social stratosphere. I have wasted many mindless hours perusing the Web sites’ pages in an attempt to escape the clutches of my academically-burdened reality.

Texts From Last Night, as it stands alone, is a hilarious amalgam of ridiculous comments from those who choose to publicly display their debauchery. The key here, however, is that Texts From Last Night is faceless, except for an area code. Many of these “texts” are probably made up as well.

The trend that I have noticed is that Facebookers have started posting said funny texts on each other’s walls in an attempt, I would assume, to associate with whatever was posted. I question this behavior not out of some moral opposition to outlandish behavior, or to the publication of it anonymously. I simply wonder why one would choose to associate their name and face to behaviors that are anonymous on another Web site because they are shockingly inappropriate.

If you want to go out and behave raucously, I’d be quite hypocritical if I told you not to. I just don’t think an entire online community needs to know exactly what kind of tomfoolery you choose to identify with. The friends who accompany you on your nightly adventures are enough of an audience. Keep on procrastinating by living vicariously trough text messages though—it keeps your mind fresh. One must be mentally stimulated for finals. Speaking of which, good luck on those bad boys. I’m going to need it.

Charlie is a sophomore in Arts & Sciences. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].

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