What we are thankful for

As Thanksgiving approaches, the Student Life editorial board lists what they are thankful for this holiday season.

~ The student body that has stepped up its activism this year, and constantly challenges the way I think
~ Pandora
~ The incredible Student Life staff which impresses me everyday and makes every hour spent in the office worthwhile
Perry Stein, Editor in Chief

~ Sunny, carefree afternoons on Art Hill
~ The library on the top floor of Brown
~ Professors who make connecting with undergraduates a priority
Kate Gaertner, Senior Forum Editor

~ Shaunda and Shawnique in the Business School café for their friendliness
~ Free backrubs from Stressbusters and friends
~ Student athletes for their hard work and amazing stories
Johann Qua Hiansen, Senior Sports Editor

~ The team that keeps Whispers open late and ensures there is always some place to work on campus
~ The facilities staff that works at all hours of the night to keep campus running, and, despite seeing all of our quirks and foibles doesn’t laugh at us
~ The students who make this University stand out, and especially those friends who have gotten to know me and decided it’s still worth hanging out with me
Sam Guzik, Director of New Media

~ Friendly professors who help you no matter what time of day (or night)
~ The fantastic staff of Engineering Student Services
~ Incredible living facilities
~ Working on a paper filled with such an amazing and fun staff
Matt Mitgang, Senior Photo Editor

~ All of the Aramark employees who work late at night to keep campus clean
~ Wash. U. housekeeping (The only good thing about ResLife)
Josh Goldman, Managing Editor

~ Ducks in the DUC, and other DUC programming
~ Flexible course scheduling
~ Having a landlord instead of an RCD
~ ResLife maintenance workers and food service employees
Brian Krigsher, Associate Editor

~ Wash. U. police who patrol off campus so I’m safe walking home
~ Amazing advisors who devote so of their much time to students
~ The fact that Einstein’s bagels are back in Whispers
Brittany Meyer, Design Chief

~ Flank steak at Holmes lounge
~ Forest Park and everything is has to offer—the Art Museum, Zoo, Science Center—being barely 10 minutes away from campus
~ Betty White surviving the Great Celebrity Massacre of ’09
Steph Spera, Senior Cadenza Editor

~ The collected papers of James Merrill, available from the Special Collections Library
~ Booze at Ibby’s, available before noon
Charlie Bohlen, Forum Editor

~ Cashiers and sandwich makers who smile and talk with you when they make and serve your food
~ The financial aid package that allows me to keep attending this school
~ WUPD for coming to help you out late at night when you accidentally lock the keys inside your car
Michelle Stein, Managing Editor

~ Family
~ The friendly chefs who work at Bear’s Bakery & Grill until 2 a.m.
~ The opportunity for this wonderful education
Puneet Kollipara, Copy Chief

~ Wash, U’s investment in MetroLink
~ Subway cookies that melt in your mouth
~ Friends and family
Aditya Sarvesh, Forum Editor

~ $1 “Milk and Cookies” on Wednesdays
~ Great professors and TAs who make time for students after class
~ Groupon opening in St. Louis
Paula Lauris, Senior Scene Editor

~ The field in Forest Park, where you can wander around and appreciate wilderness
~ Students who you can respect
~ The game room in the DUC
AJ Sundar, Forum Editor

~ Free printing in the Career Center (although maybe I should have kept it a secret)
~ The amazingly tolerant housekeeping staff on the 40
~ The days when I look around as I walk through campus and realize how lucky I am to be here
Eve Samborn, Forum Editor

~ A campus that’s beginning to break out of itself, with flash mobs galore
~ Professors who have found it in themselves to both produce high-level knowledge and treat undergraduates seriously
~ Food, always and everywhere, such that the lack of tomatoes is our biggest problem
Dennis Sweeney, Managing Editor

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