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| Compiled by Christine Wei


Rediscovering the Child ( L98 AMCS 416) is a course under the American Culture Studies department, offered all semesters. This year, Wash. U. students taking the course began holding weekly hands-on workshops with students from Compton-Drew Middle school, bringing certain aspects of their academic studies together to enhance urban education. One workshop group has been learning about living in a city. After an exciting role play that highlighted powers and limitations of different forms of government, some students decided to take advantage of that of their own country—democracy. These brilliant students have brought forth brilliant and profound ideas to change the world, and in the name of empowerment and freedom of choice, we’d like to share these ideas with the greater community.

Christine is a junior in Arts & Science. She can be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

Dear President Obama,

My name is DeParis Weaver, and I am 11 years old, in 6th grade. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, and I go to Compton-Drew Middle School. I wanted to tell you that we need to help the homeless people and let them be in houses for the winter. Let people come in and help them cook, and help them get a job. We should get them food and a bed with a sheet and a cover, and we should give them a flu shot.

We should give them a new house because we should get them warm and help them get back on their feet. I care because I don’t like to see people out in the winter freezing in the snow, and people won’t let them into their houses. We should give them a job so that they can get the money to pay for their food and pay us back for their housing. I care because I don’t want to see people freezing to death. I don’t like to go to funerals. It’s too sad to see people die.

I think this will make the world better because more people will get jobs, and fewer people will die and be homeless. I will be happier because I won’t see so many people out on the street. Now that you are president, I hope you will get this message.

DeParis Weaver
Compton-Drew Middle School 6th Grader

Dear reader,

Have you ever thought that school buses sometimes don’t come on time? Well, if you are tired of your child being picked up late or not being picked up at all, you should call the transportation service so they know the problem exists. The buses should also wait three or four minutes before leaving.

Sometimes my bus comes too early and leaves before time, so I’ll be late for school then my parent will get upset every time this happens. If I’m late, the schools might lock the doors and I’ll have to miss a day, then I lose time in school which affects my education. If students get a lot of tardy notes, then they’ll get detention and miss their classes.

Education is important because younger kids are your future. If they don’t have education, they might not get jobs in the city, then business buildings will be torn down since they don’t have employees. Without businesses, people will move out, and then the city will lose money in taxes. Then there won’t be money for rebuilding highways or building houses for the poor or trying to help other states and countries like Africa. Being able to help out is also important because a lot of organizations are trying to do this.

So if you change something as simple as the bus system, you’ll be doing a favor for the world.

Robert Pace
Compton-Drew Middle School 6th Grader

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