Mortal Kombat?

| Forum Editor

Ever since Senator Obama declared Joseph Biden as his Vice Presidential candidate, I started hearing the “Mortal Kombat!!” music playing in my head. Senator McCain has not yet announced his sidekick just yet, but the time for the debates is getting nearer, and McCain must pick someone to rival Joe Biden.

When I heard the news that Senator Biden was chosen to be Obama’s running mate, I felt that McCain had more to gain from that choice than Obama. Although Senator Biden has more experience than Obama, he seems to have different opinions on major issues, most importantly on the Iraq War. I’m sure everyone knows Obama keeps purveying the message that he was one of the major opponents of the war in Iraq and always will be. However, Joseph Biden was one of the forerunners in trying to get the United States to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and strongly supported the Iraq War. How can the Obama administration succeed if the President and Vice President disagree on such major issues? Lastly, before Senator Biden was a VP candidate, he had mentioned on a few occasions that he believed Obama did not have enough experience. “I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The Presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training,” said Biden.

Moving to a topic closer to school, it will be very interesting to see the vice presidential debate here at Wash. U., as this is a race that is currently very close, and winner does take all. As it gets closer and closer to Election Day, I believe that we might see one of the nastiest fisticuffs for the position of Presidency. John McCain seems to have mustered the majority of the Republican base, and Obama also seems to have a good majority of the Democratic Party behind him. It will be very interesting to see the tension between the two campaigning administrations at the Athletic Center, where the whole world will be watching and waiting.

Usually, many people prefer to watch the presidential debates more than the VP debates. However, in this election, the race is so close that people will want to know more about the candidates by assessing their partners. It is therefore important that as responsible students and citizens of the free world, we learn more about our candidates in order to choose the right candidate to rule this great nation.

It is depressing to see students losing interest in the wonderful democratic process. You cannot dismiss the Congressional elections and then complain when the President makes decisions you constantly disagree with. Yes, we do not elect the President, but the Electoral College does, and we in turn elect the members of the Electoral College.

Getting back to the point, attend the vice presidential debates. Depending on the level of student involvement allowed by the school administration, take part in the debates somehow. Sign up to volunteer or get friends to show up. Register to vote. There are many places around campus where information can be found on how to register for first time voters. Let us take part in Decision ’08. Don’t laze out and become a “Fatality!!” (Had to make one last Mortal Combat allusion.)

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