House of Representatives, District 3

The candidates
Democrat Russ Carnahan is running against Republican Ed Martin. Carnahan currently holds the seat and is running for re-election. Martin served as chief of staff to former Gov. Matt Blunt and as the chair of the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners.


Seeks to remove tax credits being given to the oil industry
Wants the federal government to support green technological research
Against the construction of new oil refineries

Is in favor of a job plan that evaluates individual industries and provides a growth plan
For raising the minimum wage
Supports union rights

Health Care
Aims to bolster government-sponsored health care
Believes Congress should restore taxes to the wealthiest two percent to expand basic medical services for Americans

Opposed to No Child Left Behind Act
Supports Obama’s promise to provide college access to 100% of Americans
In favor of allowing parents to choose between charter schools and public schools


Opposed to cap-and-trade legislation
Supports an “all of the above” approach to energy, including biomass, biofuels, wind power and solar energy

In favor of reducing regulations on Missouri businesses that hinders job growth
Wants tax reform, tort reform and workers’ compensation reform

Health care
Opposed to Obama’s health care plan
Wants to reform Medicaid eligibility
Claims Obama’s plan will cause businesses to drop insurance plans in favor of paying the relatively lower cost penalties

In favor of annual increases for construction of K-12 schools
For expanded college construction and expanded college scholarships
Believes that schools should be spending a majority of their money on education

Our take

Carnahan. He’s done a good job so far of representing Wash. U., whereas Martin represents the anti-government mantra of the Tea Party movement.

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