Constitutional Amendment No. 1 – Elected assessor in St. Louis County

Ballot text
Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to require the office of county assessor to be an elected position in all counties with a charter form of government, except counties with a population between 600,001-699,999?

It is estimated this proposal will have no costs or savings to state or local governmental entities.

What it’s asking
This ballot item asks voters to consider a constitutional amendment that would require St. Louis County voters to elect an assessor—an official who evaluates property for taxation—instead of appointing one.

The wording frames the amendment to apply to all charter counties except for those with a population of 600,000 to 699,999—currently, only Jackson County.

The amendment calls for assessors to be on the same ballot as the county executive and prosecuting attorney.

Those who oppose the amendment say that it makes allowing a county to have an appointed assessor very difficult. Some opponents, including the state Libertarian Party, consider it absurd to exempt just one county in the entire state.

Our take
No. We fear turning assessor into an elected post would make property assessments too political, which could lead to schools being underfunded.

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