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Sharing the last laugh: Lizzy and Maggie Crist enjoy their final ride together

Lizzy, a senior goalkeeper, and Maggie, a sophomore midfielder, are sisters on the Washington University women’s soccer team. After a childhood spent playing ball together on the fields of Wayzata, Minn. and another two years in St. Louis, this is the final season where they will slap each other’s hands before running onto the field together.

| Sports Editor

Daisy Ogede distances herself from competition with grit, determination and dress socks

Junior Daisy Ogede of the Washington University women’s track and field team wasn’t always one of the top runners in Division III. However, a motivation to prove people wrong has fueled a competitive spirit that has enabled her to compete for national titles on a yearly basis.

| Staff Reporter

Rebecca Ho humble as ever with history on the horizon

Many successful athletes follow strict dietary regimens consisting of rigid food choices, meticulous checking of nutrition facts and careful timing of meals.

| Staff Reporter

For Sanders, size doesn’t matter

If you attend a Washington University men’s basketball practice, you might hear Andrew Sanders before you see him. Draped by players more than a few inches taller than him, the 6-foot-5-inch sophomore power forward leaps up, and with a quick flash of silver jersey and the concussive smack of hand-on-ball, pulls down a rebound.

| Senior Sports Editor

Tackles, cows and hero worship: The football lives of brothers Ben and Jared Lake

During summer training camp at Francis Field, just before the school year at Washington University starts, head football coach Larry Kindbom likes to call out a pair of names, “Lake and Lake!”

| Senior Sports Editor

Cross-country runner Ryan Becker talks injuries, WU career

If it weren’t for a broken hand in 2011 and a nerve-wracking tryout in 2013, the Washington University men’s cross-country team would be without its most decorated runner thus far in 2015.

| Staff Writer

Zastrow’s offense sets up WU volleyball for success

Volleyball began shaping senior Allison Zastrow’s life even before she was born. That’s what came from having two parents with season tickets to the University of Nebraska’s top-tier program—that, and a name inspired by Nebraska star Allison Weston, who was in the process of making her way to the top of her school’s record book when Zastrow was born.

| Senior Editor

Lillegraven returns from injury to spark offensive resurgence

It was November of last year when Olivia Lillegraven had to watch from the sidelines as the Washington University women’s soccer team was upset 1-0 by University of Puget Sound in the first round of the NCAA playoffs.

| Contributing Reporter

Senior Chris Lowery thanks family for record-breaking career

With the bases loaded and two outs against Webster University on April 17, it was just another high pressure at bat for senior Chris Lowery, Washington University baseball’s corner outfielder. Already leading 5-2 and given a chance to break the game open, Lowery smacked a two-run single through the middle of the infield for his record-breaking 217th career hit in front of a home crowd at Kelly Field.

| Senior Sports Editor

From humble beginnings to 100 wins: The story of Kevin Chu

Back in the day, he yearned to be in the starting lineup, hoping for a chance to showcase his talents for the Washington University men’s tennis team. Now in his last season as a senior, Kevin Chu is a team captain who became the 16th player to reach 100 career wins on April 4.

| Staff Reporter

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