Sex Issue 2016

Use what Mother Earth gave you

Ever feel like every weekend is the same old routine? Frat party, hook-up, repeat. If you’re looking to shake things up in the bedroom, take note of these sex tips from the animal kingdom and get in touch with your wild side.

Hanusia Higgins and Maisie Heine | Staff Writers

Cadenza’s dream celebrity threesomes

Here at Cadenza, we spend a lot of time thinking about celebrities and, consequently, which ones we’d like to have sex with.
These stars have been getting us particularly hot and bothered.

TV review: ‘Not Safe with Nikki Glaser’

I’ll admit it: when I first learned that Comedy Central was debuting “Not Safe with Nikki Glaser,” a new variety talk show about all things sexual, I did not have high hopes. A show exclusively about sex seemed like a cheap ploy for ratings and attention; you don’t exactly need to promise high-quality humor to get people to watch a pretty comedian tell sex jokes.

| Managing Editor

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