Sex Issue 2012

Slideshow: Sex Issue 2012

Sexual abuse scandals strike college sports

The sports world is no stranger to scandals. In recent years, Major League Baseball endured the Steroid Era, the NBA had its referee point-shaving scandal, and an assortment of recruiting and pay-for-play controversies have hit major college sports programs.

| Sports Editor


Student Life interviewed Alternative Lifestyle Association (ALA) president Diana Goeller to find out about kink on campus. Here is what she had to say. SL: Tell us a little bit about ALA. DG: In the past year and a half or so we’ve been more about being a resource. We call it SSC: safe, sane and consensual.

| News Editor

Freshman Floorcest

Freshmen at Washington University in St. Louis begin their first semester of school with a few sage words of advice: Don’t sign up for 9 a.m. classes unless necessary, don’t expect a consistent WUFI connection, and don’t commit floorcest. But despite the frequent warnings from RAs and upperclassmen, many freshmen still find themselves victims of floorcest.

| Staff Writer

Let there be CONDOMS

Imagine for a second that you are planning a date with your guy or gal tomorrow night, and there are all sorts of sappy romantic activities set out. Because you and your significant other have decided to have sex, and you are a sensible adult, you try to buy some condoms. You don’t have a car, it’s cold outside, and Walgreens is about a mile away.

| Forum Editor

How to find love with chemistry

So, you somehow managed to land a girlfriend or boyfriend at WashU. This is a real person mind you, dating your textbook is not an option no matter how much it keeps you up at night.

| Staff Columnist

The best songs to have sex to Plus the songs that are guaranteed to kill the mood

In 2008, Student Life published a ranking of the 10 best songs to play while having sex. In line with the “Sex Sells” business model, that list remains our all-time most viewed article. For this year’s Sex Week issue, Cadenza decided to update the list.

| Cadenza Reporter

Disney secret messages that should exist

We’ve all heard the rumors that Disney has a hidden sexual agenda to corrupt children. We’ve scrutinized the still frames and rewound and watched the scenes over and over again.

| Music Editor

Sexiest musicians

The Grammys were last night, and to honor them, let’s take a look at (at least in my opinion) the sexiest male and female artists of this past year.

| Cadenza Reporter

Most awkward movie sex scenes

The New Yorker’s film critic Anthony Lane once said, “An alien watching modern movies would think that human intercourse consisted of nothing more than two faces approaching and docking in horizontal silhouette.” And in 99 percent of movies, his statement is true.

| Cadenza Reporter

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