Sex Issue 2011

The Little Dildo That Could Part 3

The Little Dildo That Could is back in a brand new adventure!! What will happen when that lovable piece of anthropomorphic plastic takes on the world of Lion Taming?

| Photo Editor

5 TV-inspired ways to lose your virginity

Lose your virginity the same way these TV stars did?

| TV Editor

SEX politics and culture

No matter how you look at it, sex is everywhere in 2011, from the undercurrents of partisan politics to the overemphasized innuendos of your favorite pop song.

Sex Survey 2011

A survey from your peers on their individual definitions and levels of experience when it comes to romance.

Without Palin, students still discuss abstinence

The controversy surrounding the cancellation of Bristol Palin’s speaking engagement at Washington University has opened a dialogue on campus about abstinence, a topic that many students feel has long been underrepresented.

| News Editor

Students learn kink from erotic educator

Kink 101: Intro to Creative Exploration and Play kicked off Washington University’s Sexual Responsibility Week on Monday evening. Around fifty students gathered in January 110 to listen to Lee Harrington discuss kink.

| News Editor

St. Louis ranks highest in reported STIs in U.S.

St. Louis is regularly recognized as having the highest rate of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in the country. And in a sexually-charged environment like college, Washington University students are no strangers to STIs either.

| Senior News Editor

Keep funding for Title X

Last Wednesday, the House Appropriations Committee announced in a press release that it would cut $327 million worth of federal funding for Title X, a resolution that the House of Representatives is expected to vote on next week.

Sex and Pizza

You know it’s tough being a guy. Rodney Dangerfield said it best with his “I get no respect.” When it comes to dating, it’s difficult to be the man. Right off the bat, women think that all we want from them is sex. Come on, ladies. It’s 2011, the new age of dating. Give us a break. We want that and then some.

| Staff Columnist

A Pissy Night

n high school, I was on the Constitution team and my boyfriend looked like the dude with long hair from “Dazed and Confused.” When I got to Washington University, I was in heaven. There were smart, attractive guys everywhere and I was finally ready to spread my wings, become a woman and stop wearing my retainer during the day.

| Staff Columnist

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