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Don’t kale my vibe: A conversation with WU’s premier plantwave musician

I recently had the opportunity to discuss Carver’s music with him and learn more about “Sounds of Summer” and the genre it comes from, plantwave.

Terry Beard | Cool Music Guy

What kind of sex you have based on your sex song

How do you do it?

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Student Love 2019: Let me whisper in your ear

The results of Student Life’s 2019 Sex Survey!

Student Life Staff

Counterpoint: Long-distance relationships are not worth it

I do admit that there are ways to successfully navigate a long-distance relationship, but they have nothing to do with love. They have everything to do with the relationship being a precise military operation.

| Forum Editor

Point: Long-distance relationships are worth it

The main reason for entering a long-distance relationship is that the two of you are truly best friends. Not just that you get along well, not that you enjoy spending time together.

Lauren Alley | Senior Forum Editor

Staff editorial: How to woo your boo at WU

Our Editorial Board is here with some tips for how to find your soul mate (or just a date, or a friend) on campus.

When Harry boned Sally: Ranking the protagonists of top-10 romantic comedies from least to most sexual chemistry

I consulted multiple sources to compile my list of the generally-agreed-upon “Top 10 Rom-Coms of All Time” and have ranked them from least to most sexual compatibility.

Kiva Runnels | Contributing Writer

Diaries of an overworked student: Adventures in birth control: College edition

If you find the right brand for you (and there are dozens), birth control can be great: It’s been proven to help with acne; it regulates periods; and it can even help relieve some of the more painful symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS.) But what people don’t really tell you is that sometimes birth control isn’t great, and unfortunately, that was the case with me.

Isabelle Gillman | Staff Columnist

The answers to all your itching and burning sex questions

Sex education isn’t something that students are guaranteed to have before coming to college. Even those who do get it are still liable to have questions while in school. Sex is even sexier when the people participating are informed, so Student Life decided to interview Ashley Kuykendall, the Sexual Health Promotion Coordinator at Habif Health and Wellness Center. She shared with us just a bit of her vast knowledge on sexual health gained from working in the field of sex ed with college students for seven years.

| Senior Scene Editor

2019 Sex Survey reveals students’ sex habits

2,027 people took the survey from Jan. 28 to Feb. 9. Student Life’s 2019 sex survey found that 74 percent of respondents (approximately 1,406 people) said they have had sex.

News Editors

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