Propaganda Through the Years

“OMG I love this song!!!” This is a reference to my friend when “Wannabe” comes on the radio. Let’s face it, we all have guilty pleasures from our past. There are things that define our generation. My parents are still in love with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and my old English teacher is […]

| Cadenza Staff

“Do You Need the Manual?”

“Inception” was met with largely positive reception this summer. However, no film can appeal to all moviegoers—no matter how fantastic 224 of the 258 reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes thought “Inception” was. My parents are two of four people I know that did not enjoy the film. Don’t get me wrong. Differences in opinion should be tolerated, celebrated even.

| Cadenza Staff

Finding Your Place On Campus

Welcome to college. You’re probably feeling out of place right now. Maybe you were the violin virtuoso in high school or perhaps the dancing queen. Good thing Wash. U. has many ways for you to continue your passion. Whether you love to rap or rhyme, sing and dance or act like a fool in front or behind the scenes, there is a place for you.

| Cadenza Staff

Football looks for Class of 2014 to excel during upcoming season

In the hot, sweaty dog days of August, the highly touted freshman class of the Washington University football team pushes itself to fill the holes that plagued last year’s team. Following the Bear’s first losing season since 1992, head coach Larry Kindbom looks for more maturity down the stretch to win close games. “We weren’t that far off last year,” Kindbom said.

| Sports Reporter

Finding your way

I am from an all-girls school in Dallas, with approximately 100 girls in each grade. The entire grade knew about what happened at last night’s party or who got asked out for homecoming from the brother-school. Everyone knew about each other so well that no secret could exist.

| Forum Columnist

A how-to: Getting rid of the parents

I carry my bags to my new home at Wash. U., set up my room, pack away my clothing and casually throw my depressingly empty bags above my closet. I hug my mother and say goodbye to her in a suitably emotional fashion that doesn’t reveal my excitement at her departure. As I lay on my bed I think about college life, and what is store for the next four years.

Daniel Deibler | Forum Columnist

In opposition to the smoking ban

Picture the scene: Walking through a snow-clad Wash. U., a student desperately tries to ignite his lighter, his frostbitten fingers failing to strike the flint. As his lips turn blue and hypothermia starts to set in, he turns back to campus, unfairly thwarted in his attempts to enjoy a cigarette. The health issues at the crux of the smoking ban cannot be denied.

| Forum Columnist

In defense of the smoking ban

I headed off to college for the first time. I stepped off the plane and reveled in my newfound sense of unlimited freedom and total control. However, I quickly discovered Washington University has rules and regulations that appear to limit the freedom of its students, such as the newly implemented campus wide tobacco ban.

| Forum Columnist

Ask the R.A.

Entering freshman year, students are often unfamiliar with the campus and its surroundings. In order to better acquaint them with Wash. U. and St Louis, we asked Resident Advisors for their advice and thoughts on freshman year. 1 Wash. U. is hard, and you must study early and often. 2 Dedicate your time to something […]

| Scene Reporter

Textbooks: the cheaper the better

Classes have begun, and buying textbooks is on everybody’s mind. There is an easy and convenient way to take care of it all at once: the Campus Bookstore. Purchasing books is certainly simple. There is, however, a downside: the bookstore is very expensive.

| Scene Reporter

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