Commencement Issue 2011

Embrace foreign, sometimes scary situations

My friends will tell you that I am a pretty boring person. I have never been drunk out of fear of making a decision I will regret or embarrassing myself more than I would otherwise.

| Former Executive Editor

Fall 2007 TV

The most notable thing about the fall 2007 TV season is how few of the shows that premiered remain, but then again, that happens every year.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

No Reservations? No Problem

So you dropped the ball on dinner reservations for graduation. Maybe your parents have been hounding you for weeks and you just ignored them (in which case you’re really in trouble) or maybe you didn’t even think about it until all of your friends started talking about the reservations that they made two months ago.

| Scene Reporter

Don’t shirk from ‘goodbye’

The first version I wrote of this column was unapologetically sarcastic, an exercise in self-mockery that used the phrase “this is SO college” as refrain and lamented the lack of both Nietzsche and Natural Light in my life next year. It was reflective of what I found easiest to say and what, I figured, an audience of equally sarcastic and sentiment-avoiding Wash. U.

| Former Editor in Chief

2007 in Movies

The year the Class of 2011 entered Wash. U.—2007—was like most years in the movies: It had unbelievable highs and inconceivable lows. The top-grossing movie was “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” which many thought (and hoped) would be the last film in the series. Alas, another was made, and it’s being released on the same day as Commencement—May 20.

| Movie/TV editor

Take it with you

Stay inspired. Two words, four syllables. The best advice I’ve ever gotten about life in the real world. My four years here have left me with a fiery idealism and burning restlessness to approach this canvas we call earth and beautifully paint a piece of it. I hope your education has done the same.

| Former Forum Editor

How to keep your family occupied in St. Louis

Are you sick of waiting around for graduation with family members invading your personal space? St. Louis may not have Times Square or the Golden Gate Bridge, but it still has plenty of attractions. Scene has selected four locations to entertain them and keep the pressure off of you.

Scene Staff

Senior year: Bear’s Den, Bristol Palin and snowy days

The year started with the University’s largest-ever incoming class and the further transformation of the South 40.

| Senior News Editor

Looking back on 2007 games

“The Orange Box”: Four years later, each game in the dreadfully named “Orange Box” has graduated to becoming legends in their own right. “Half-Life 2: Episode Two” was the last the world has seen of Gordon Freeman, and he has yet to reappear. “Team Fortress 2” has gone from elegant class-based shooter to war-themed hat simulator.

| Video Games Editor

One down, more to go

Another one bites the dust. With the publication of this column, my Washington University bucket list is complete. But there are plenty of others to go. I’ve written for each section of Student Life, travelled the globe, created priceless memories and formed lifelong friendships.

| Former Senior Sports Editor

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