Best of STL

Best karaoke

If you’re looking for a classy way to turn 21—or 45—Talayna’s is your best bet. Owned and operated by the legendary Mike Talayna, the karaoke bar (and former strip club!) offers mirrored walls, disco balls and an entertaining swath of local culture.

Best movie theater

The Moolah Lounge is often touted as the best movie theater in St. Louis, but its admittedly plush couches can’t compare to the unique movie experience at Chase Park Plaza.

Best place to recover after a night out

Just south of the Loop, Boosters Cafe is in the ideal location for upperclassmen to roll out of bed straight into a delicious brunch on a Sunday morning (and by morning, we mean noon, of course).

Best local coffee house

Located just northeast of Brookings, Kayak’s offers something for everyone. It opens at 6:30 a.m. and serves Belgian waffles for the early risers. And even though it closes at 10 p.m., it’s a convenient place for art students to stock up on caffeine for a late night at the studio.

Best neighborhood

There’s a renaissance happening in south St. Louis, and we think it’s high time for Wash. U. students to get off the Loop and explore it. With art galleries, coffee shops and vintage stores packed closely together, Cherokee Street’s run-down, industrial feel only serves to highlight its artsy, underground appeal. “I think Cherokee is to St. Louis what St.

Best sushi

Located in swanky downtown Clayton, Miso’s menu combines eclectic pan-Asian dishes with staples like pad thai and crab rangoon for a traditional, but markedly posh, take on Asian cuisine.

Best museum

Where in St. Louis can you hop in a flight simulator, sleep under the stars and construct a (sort of) giant arch? In one afternoon? For free? The answer, of course, is the Science Center, conveniently located in the giant backyard we call Forest Park.

Best pizza

Pi’s biggest claim to fame is also what tends to draw new customers—its pizza is President Obama’s favorite. In fact, he paid to have the restaurant’s chefs flown to D.C. in order to cook their cheesy deep-dish delicacies for a White House dinner.

Best bar

Sometimes simpler is better. With dart boards, pinball machines and a jukebox inside, Blueberry Hill has a low-key vibe that’s perfect for students. Patrons are friendly, laid back and always open for conversation.

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