Special Issues

Introducing the ‘Best of St. Louis: Beyond the Bubble’ special issue

The issue is a challenge to students to step out of their comfort zones and go beyond the Loop.

| Editor-in-Chief

Sustainability Guide 2021

This Earth Day, Student Life writers explore sustainability at Wash. U. from bike culture on campus to Missouri’s renewable energy struggles.

Student Life Newspaper

Hot and heavy horoscopes

Horoscopes for your WU future

Ignoratio Elenchi | Professional Thruthsayer

Fan fiction of the Week: ‘Wustl-bunne: What could have been’

Night has fallen on the kingdom of Fontbunne. Just a wee territory in a sea of bigger fishes, it slumbers restlessly.

Shady Buttson | ~RawrXD~

Some sports, ranked from least to most strenuous

Considering it is our main to write about them, we have some opinions on sports. Here is a ranking of some sports that we like, ranked from easiest to hardest.

Sports Staff

Skinker resigns from editor-in-chief position, becomes UK prime minister

Slam Skinker, Student Libel’s former editor-in-chief, resigned from the position this morning at 3:37 a.m. following his appointment as the United Kingdom’s new prime minister.

E-lame-a Quinoa | Editress-in-Chief

‘One-Percenters Anonymous’ discuss privilege, want more

In a recent triumph of the free press, Student Libel successfully went undercover as a member of “One-Percenters Anonymous,” the most exclusive group on campus. Well, as exclusive as a group of one-percenters at Washington University can be.

Jaden SatenQueen | Unemployed

Loop Trolley Company and Office of Parking & Transportation announce merger

In response to rampant complaints regarding limited parking and lack of passes, the Washington University’s Office of Parking & Transportation will merge with the Loop Trolley Company.

Blue Man’s Biggest Fan | Transportation Correspondant

Washington University suspends all Greek activities

Washington University Campus Life called for the temporary suspensions on any organization with Greek letters and placed the Department of Classics on probation Friday.

Adeko Drakesmanski | Senior Bodie Correspondent

‘I don’t speak broke’: Wrongton, wearing AirPods, addresses divestment

Maintaining that the protestors calling for Washington University to divest from fossil fuels have “no drip,” Chancellor Mark Wrongton announced that the University will not change its investment policies.

Whancellor Chrighton | Staff Reporter

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