The Haps: St. Louis Craft Beer Week

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but St. Louis is kind of big on beer. Although Anheuser-Busch has the biggest name and the biggest hold on the town, there are plenty of smaller breweries with high-quality products worth checking out.

| Events Columnist

The not-so-hidden expectations behind fraternity formals

As I’m riding in a bus filled with rowdy college kids en route to a fraternity formal, more than excitement and even anticipation, I’m feeling relief that my date isn’t some stranger who was desperate for a last-minute setup.

| Forum Editor

Playoff hopes fade after split twin bill

One inning separated the Washington University baseball team from a loss on Saturday, but a four run seventh enabled the Bears to split their doubleheader against Greenville College.

| Senior Sports Editor

Unlimited nights and weekends; or, how much is too much?

A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office official with zero foresight is rumored to have once said, “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” In retrospect, that statement is pretty ludicrous. It does, however, bring up an interesting question: How much is too much stuff?

| Forum Editor

R.I.P., ‘Ugly Betty’

After four years of laughs, tears and braces, “Ugly Betty” is sadly coming to its end. While the series has certainly deteriorated since its award-winning first season, it has still managed to captivate millions with its intriguing and sometimes ridiculous storylines.

| Cadenza Movie Editor

Women’s tennis: Bears cap off regular season with victory over Coe College

The No. 14 Washington University women’s tennis team completed the regular season with an 8-1 victory over No. 26 Coe College on Saturday.

| Sports Reporter

‘Close Calls with Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind’ | Andrew W.K

Reemerging from the depths of middle-school playlists with the same unexpected voracity as Ricky Martin, Andrew W.K. recently came out with his long-awaited (or long since forgotten) third album: “Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind.” The album isn’t exactly new material; it was released back in 2006 but for some reason only saw light in Japan and Korea.

| Cadenza Reporter

Augustana highlights WUStock

Woodstock may have just celebrated its 40th anniversary, but its spirit is still alive on Washington University’s campus. This past Saturday, WUStock was held on the Swamp, concluding South 40 Week with a variety of musical performances, activities and food. The day kicked off with tons of sun and three student bands—Sobriquet, the Noam Chomskys and String Theory—and culminated in a performance by Augustana.

| Contributing Reporter

Four Olin Business School students involved in University alcohol policy

Business school students are helping to review the University alcohol policy. This is the first time the University has approached the issue of alcohol with the active involvement of students.

| Contributing Reporter

Movie Review: ‘Date Night’

Any movie that can pull off a completely random line like “They stabbed a chicken nugget with a Sharpie. These are not good people,” is worth watching. In some ways, “Date Night” is exactly what you’d expect of a partnership between Steve Carell and Tina Fey; they do exactly what they do on “The Office” and “30 Rock,” respectively.

| Cadenza Reporter

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