Theater Review: ‘Metamorphoses’

Mary Zimmerman’s “Metamorphoses,” a play currently showing at the Edison Theatre, challenges a viewer’s relationship with change. Specifically, “Metamorphoses” explores how fundamental human nature, which has remained static for thousands of years, responds to sudden hardship or reward. Furthermore, the play asks the audience to find the lifestyle best suited for confronting unexpected change.

| Theater Editor

Stepping Out: The Dubliner

I knew we were approaching The Dubliner when I saw a huge Irish flag draped across a brick façade and an outdoor patio where patrons were downing pints of Guinness. The Dubliner is a gastropub, which, according to the Oxford English Dictionary (please excuse me, I’m an English major) means that it is “a public house which specializes in serving high-quality food.

| Scene Reporter

Book Review: The Wild Things by Dave Eggers

After collaborating with director Spike Jonze to bring “Where the Wild Things Are” to life on film, Dave Eggers found that he wasn’t quite ready to let go of the story. Thus, “Where the Wild Things Are” was reborn once again, this time as a full novel entitled “The Wild Things.”

| Cadenza Reporter

Two out of three losses: ‘final nail in the coffin’

With two losses in three games earlier this week, dropping its season record to 17-14, the Washington University baseball team has all but closed the door on its playoff chances.

| Senior Sports Editor

Interview with fashion journalist: Derek Blasberg

St. Louis native Derek Blasberg has come a long way since his modest Midwestern childhood. I had the pleasure of attending his intimate book signing at Left Bank Books this past weekend, where his family and friends were all in attendance (including Chloë Sevigny and Byrdie Bell—yes, they are just as beautiful in person).

| Scene Fashion Columnist

My favorite podcasts

Honestly, I do not listen to music anymore. In fact, music brings me no joy, no happiness. I used to walk to school with Radiohead, Ben Folds and Rivers Cuomo at my side, whispering sweet melodies into my ears. Those days are long gone. I found podcasts.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Unintentional, but still segregation

One of my friends asked me to help him put an outfit together for a concert we went to last week (which made me feel special). As we were driving to the venue, he made the comment, albeit jokingly, that we were twins, except I’m white and he’s black, which threw us into a conversation about race perceptions today. I feel in the same way that even if we don’t realize it, here at Wash. U.

| Staff Columnist

Bears enter stand-by mode with fifth place finish

No. 13 Washington University took fifth place out of 17 teams at the Illinois Wesleyan University Spring Fling at the Ironwood Golf Course in Normal, Ill., this past weekend. Now the Bears will have to keep their fingers crossed in hopes of the team making its first-ever trip to the NCAA championship.

| Sports Reporter

Lost Live Blog – The Last Recruit

In this episode of “Lost,” we get explosions, showdowns, a character swimming what seemed to be a mile in the ocean, and some pretty cool convergence. Yay.

‘24’: It’s the only thing that kept my family together

Just a few weeks ago, Fox pulled the plug on its venerable series, “24.” How do we think the series is going to end? Honestly, who knows? Like the entire plot of “Lost” packed into every season, nothing is ever what it seems.

| Cadenza Reporter

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