Students push honorary degree for sex researcher

While many recognize Washington University for its world-class, cutting-edge medical research, few people know that the institution also pioneered sexuality studies in the 1950s. Even fewer know about the pioneer herself, the mother of the scientific study of sex and sex therapy: Virginia Johnson.

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W.I.L.D. delivers music, good time and political activism

Sounds of laughter and chatter drifted through the Brookings Quad along with the mingled smell of pizza, beer and smoke. Hands waved in the air and bodies swayed against each other while the music flowed on. There goes another Walk In Lay Down (W.I.L.D.).

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VIDEO: LGBT statement at W.I.L.D.

Junior Alex Greenberg delivers a speech at W.I.L.D. on behalf of nascent campus political organization The Right Side of History. In his speech Greenberg urged his fellow students to join a new civil rights movement that would take the nation by storm and secure equal rights for the LGBT community in America. Co-founded by senior David Dresner, The Right Side of History seeks equality for the LGBT community by engaging straight youth.

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