Romance 101

Romance 101: Is baggage an acceptable accessory?

Baggage. It’s the one thing all of us have that no one will fess up to having. That time you were cheated on, the certain someone who broke your heart, the crazy ex who won’t leave you alone—it’s everywhere, but everyone tries to hide it.

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Spring: To fling or not to fling?

Dear readers, I’ve been watching you. And I know what’s on all your minds: spring. And along with spring comes the decision…to fling or not to fling? It’s inevitable that this question comes up at this time of year—undoubtedly, spring is here. The temperature is up and the sun is out, bringing everyone out of hibernation.

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When the going gets tough

I will never forget what it felt like to wake up after I fainted on the kitchen floor. After I came back from that fuzzy place where all sound is muffled and everything turns to an interesting shade of whitish black; shapes started to come into focus, and I heard my panicked boyfriend distantly shouting my name.

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Romance 101: ‘What am I doing?’

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a Contemporary Fiction class in which the discussion focused on a morbid book that featured some pretty messed-up relationships—relationships between the dead and the living, the old and the young, the in-love and the not-in-love. As my classmates respectively made judgmental comments about the characters, my teacher paused the discussion with an incredulous look.

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Why the L-word makes us crazy

There are three little words we’ve all heard before—in books, movies or songs. The words, of course, are “I love you.” Sweet, right? Well in these cases, saying “I love you,” means that the good guys have won, victory for the poets and artists, and a rainbow arches over two embracing individuals right before the […]

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Three’s a Crowd: The Dilemma of the Third Wheel

A couple weeks ago, I received a phone call from my buddy Anna at Dartmouth. I was a little surprised by the call—I expected her to greet me with her normally cheerful and upbeat voice. Instead, she screeched into the phone, “I’m going to kill Brian!”

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The ‘Turkey Drop’ (and how to survive it)

It’s that time of year again—red leaves crunching under your shoes, the smell of cider in the air, football on TV, and college students all over the country getting dumped. That’s right kids—it’s almost Thanksgiving break, and that means only one thing: It’s Turkey Drop season.

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Romance 101: Meet the parents

When we first start dating someone, we tend to see them as perfect—their bizarre habits become cute little quirks and their personal stories that might otherwise incite a yawn are instantly fascinating. All you want to do is spend every free minute with them, preferably making out. In short, it takes a lot to separate you from this incredible new person.

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Souvenirs of relationships past

We all have our own personal souvenirs—mine include a metal spaceship from a fourth-grade trip to the Smithsonian, a rock from the top of Mount Washington and a glittery Girl Scouts picture frame.

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Romance 101: The ‘Ex Files’: Should they stay closed?

Apparently there is a trend on this campus that I was unaware of until yesterday. I was catching up with a group of friends at the Village for brunch, and in between pancakes, one of my friends raised her eyebrow and said, “Don’t tell anyone, but…I’m hooking up with my ex.”

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