Beyond the call of duty: WU professor Michael McLaughlin reveals the value of education

As I am “waiting for the host to start this meeting,” I am preparing for an interview.

Aruni Soni | Staff Writer

Changing narratives: WU professor named Library of Congress Kluge Chair

Sitting down in his office lined with thousands of books and a new Keurig, Professor Ignacio Sánchez Prado, who teaches Mexican cinema, literature and culture at Washington University, divulged his life’s story, his work over the years which culminated in his appointment to the Kluge Chair at the Library of Congress.

Justin Moreno | Contributing Writer

‘Trust and access’: Pete Souza relives days as Obama’s official photographer

Pete Souza’s voice trembled as he looked at one of the last pictures he ever took of Barack Obama.

Curran Neenan | Senior Editor

The path to the Packard: Bronwen Konecky pushes the envelope in climate research

After Bronwen Konecky, award-winning organic and stable isotope geochemist, finished her first year of organic chemistry in college, she threw out her notes and sold her textbook.

Diva Harsoor | Contributing Writer

Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer talks success, hospitality at Olin Business School

When we think of the world of business, what comes to mind? Innovation, networking, maybe competition; but what about hospitality?

Samra Haseeb | Contributing Writer

Interim provost Marion Crain discusses her role, serving student interests and the search for Thorp’s permanent successor

Although Marion Crain began to serve as interim provost after Holden Thorp concluded his term on July 15, many students have yet to be introduced to her. Some still wonder: What exactly is a provost?

| Senior Scene Editor

Classes and kids: A conversation with Professor Hedwig Lee

Hedwig (Hedy) Lee, a professor in Washington University’s Sociology department, as a social demographer, is “very interested in trying to understand what features on our society drive the health differences that we see.” Student Life sat down with her recently to talk about her teaching experience and what it’s like to balance that with having a young child.

| Staff Writer

Tennessee Williams and Interpol: The playwright Henry Schvey

I met Henry Schvey because of our shared passion for Tennessee Williams, an American playwright born in 1911. I enrolled in Henry’s American Culture Studies course on Williams’ work, although he was understandably wary of allowing a freshman into his 400-level reading-intensive course, but eventually allowed me to enroll.

Elizabeth Phelan | Contributing Writer

For Andrew Martin, an academic journey comes full circle

Andrew Martin’s academic career has always led him back to Washington University.

| Associate Editor

Meet the President

When Sydney Robinson talks about SU, she’s regal, serious. When she talks about schoolwork, she’s optimistic, idealistic. The first sophomore to assume the presidency since 2003, she recognizes the responsibility of the position she’s taking on.

| Senior Scene Editor

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