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Five must-have pieces for spring

This recent outpouring of rain means that spring has recently sprung, and it hasn’t come a moment too soon. However, the weather here in St. Louis is known to change quite quickly, so you may have found yourself—and especially your closet—quite unprepared to take on the fashion scene this spring.

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From the runway to your closet: Fall outerwear edition

Tired of donning the same, boring cold-weather clothes? Throw that tired peacoat with the anchors on the buttons to the back of your closet, and try out some of these emerging trends in outerwear this fall!

Greta Garmel | Contributing Writer

Hot Seams: From the winter runways to your closet: Five fashionable pieces on a college student’s budget

Global warming may have delayed winter in St. Louis through the second week of November, but there is no denying that the frigid season is fast approaching. For those of you still donning shorts and T-shirts in hopes of warm weather forever, it is time to hang up your usual gear and embrace winter fashion. […]

Greta Garmel | Fashion Columnist

Another man’s treasure aisles

As you wander the aisles of an antique market, you may find yourself inexplicably lost. However, in the antique malls of St. Louis, “lost” takes on a whole new definition. Each antique display visually narrates someone else’s story. So while you wander through these spaces, you might be lost in time or you might become lost in the histories of strangers.

Reilley Dabbs | Fashion Columnist

Top Five Boutiques in the STL

Are you sick of shopping at the Galleria every weekend? Are you sick of wearing matching Wash. U. T-shirt and sweatpants to class every day? Believe me, I’m sick of seeing it. The best way to break out of a style rut is to try something new. So, why not take the time to explore […]

Greta Garmel | Contributing Writer

We got the heat

As you unpack your lives into tiny dorm rooms, your closets quickly overflow with what everyone told you were college staples: chunky sweaters and warm leggings. However, upon arrival, you may begin to realize that these staples are destined to remain on your shelves for a few more weeks unless you have a considerable desire […]

Rielley Dabbs

Deconstructing Armour, a review

It’s certainly not as thick as a Vogue or an Elle, but it doesn’t need to be. A very admirable endeavor, Armour, a new fashion magazine started by three Sam Fox School students, Jacob Lenard, Chantal Strasburger and Felicia Podberesky, launched last week in an effort to bring fashion and style to the Wash. U. community.

Color Blocking Spring Color Trends

Spring has officially arrived and, as a result, an entirely new repertoire of colors is appearing on the streets. This year, the spring season is all about colorblocking, and you can’t colorblock without colors.

Men’s spring trends

Most men I know don’t like to think about fashion, and they just buy whatever pleases them. As the weather changes, most of you will want to (or need to) replace the heavy boots, layers and thick sweatshirts with light cotton pants and shirts and sneakers. But you’ve got to do it right.

| Senior Fashion Columnist

Fashion and beauty trends you don’t want to be caught without!

Sure, it snowed last week and it’s freezing outside and the first thing on your mind is a thick woolen scarf. Still, any true fashionista knows that it’s never too early to start planning your wardrobe for the next season.

| Fashion Columnist

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