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Alkilani resigns as Student Union VP of Finance

“It is no longer reasonable for me to shoulder this burden,” Alkilani wrote in an email to student group officers Jan. 12.

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What’s at stake in the SU fall elections

Key issues include the future of Greek Life and mental health on campus.

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Some frustrated with SU funding ahead of elections

Students expressed frustrations with Student Union’s allocation of funding ahead of fall elections this week, though Wednesday’s resolution of a miscommunication alleviated some concerns regarding Treasury’s Nov. 9 decision to reallocate fall WILD funding for the spring.

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SU Senate report calls on University to commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2035

To achieve full carbon neutrality by 2035, the Senate called for investments in offsite renewable energy and investing in local programs that encourage clean energy use.

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Student Union creates Activist Equipment Supply to ‘promote civic dialogue’

SU’s activist equipment supply will allow students to access megaphones, poster boards and other protest-related resources.

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Voters select Abdallah Belhadj, Fadel Alkilani and Miriam Silberman in three contested Student Union executive elections

Student Union’s spring election was characterized by a lower than usual level of competition, while the field of candidates differed over the importance of experience versus new ideas for advocacy, March 30.

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Meet this year’s candidates for Student Union’s executive positions

In the week leading up to the election, Student Life conducted interviews with each candidate, covering a variety of topics.

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SU candidates discuss platforms, answer questions from WU community at forum

The forum, which took place one week before SU elections on March 30, covered topics ranging from accountability and transparency to the role of WUPD and Greek Life on campus.

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SU passes general budget of $3.9 million

The largest section in the budget was $1.9 million dedicated to funding student group reserves, an increase from $1.6 million last year.

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SU develops Mentorship Match program to foster connection during the pandemic

To support students struggling to make connections amid COVID restrictions, Student Union established the ‘Mentorship Match’ program to connect underclassmen with upperclassmen mentors. SU announced pairings for this project, Feb. 19.

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