Residential Life and Dining

Dining Services implements new Eco To-Go system, eliminates mozzarella sticks

Eggs, mozzarella sticks and hopefully disposable boxes: These are among the losses in the wake of Dining Services’ changes for the new academic year.
Dining Services has implemented changes to the Eco To-Go system and created a new system for salad bar and frozen yogurt purchases in an effort to reduce waste and address student concerns about flat-rate pricing.

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University to begin discussing removing traditional, modern price differences

Residential Life is seeking to relieve some of the financial strain involved in the housing selection process by considering a standard housing rate to remove the difference between traditional and modern dorms.

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Dining Services looks to Brown School cafe, Eco To-Go for changes next year

With major changes in the makeup of residential life next year due to increasing class sizes, Dining Services will adjust as needed, but has no explicit plans for change.

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Green Monday sees success in first months

The Green Monday Initiative, an effort to decrease the University’s carbon footprint by encouraging people to take a pledge to refrain from eating meat on Monday and to be more environmentally aware, has proven a success in its first months.

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Grab-n-go food items full of the fat, sodium their labels indicate

Unusually high numbers found on the nutrition facts of various grab-n-go and other food items sold on campus have caused several students to express concerns regarding the accuracy of the labels, but for the most part, these labels are true.

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Blackout on South 40 causes student distress

Students found themselves showering in the dark and trapped in the elevator when a power outage struck campus Monday morning.

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Changes to South 40 dining inspire caprese, milkshake madness

Cherry Tree witnessed a complete change in its selections as the fall semester began, with new sandwiches like the turkey brie & apricot mustard panini replacing old favorites like the sweet and smokey turkey sandwich. Paws & Go also adjusted some of its offerings when Dining Services added a f’real milkshake machine at the beginning of the year, which quickly surpassed sales expectations.

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Starbucks in Bauer Hall to open on Monday for start of classes

The full-service Starbucks in Bauer Hall will open on Monday, Aug. 25 along with the new Bauer Hall Cafe. The Starbucks will accept gift cards and Bear Bucks, but not meal points.

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Jamba Juice makes smooth entrance to Cafe Bergson

Mango-A-Go-Go is a-going to be the new thing at the DUC. Cafe Bergson reopened on Sunday with a surprise for students: the fresh fruit and yogurt smoothie station had been replaced by a Jamba Juice smoothie station.

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Student group looks to dispose of campus’ disposable boxes

If one Washington University student group is successful in garnering student support, Bear’s Den will be a disposable-box-free zone by fall 2014. Net Impact, the group behind the Eco To-Go box initiative, released a survey on Facebook the week before Thanksgiving seeking student feedback to gauge the effectiveness of its current program.

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