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Photos of the Week: April 1–5

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Debate Watch Party

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Students enjoy the Big Bang

The Class of 2016 spent its Friday night on September 7 at the Big Bang, an event organized by the First Year Center and hosted at the St. Louis Science Center. Attractions included live performances by dance, musical and vocal student groups, planetarium shows and segway rides.

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Feature photo: Convocation 2012

ROTC Training

Members of Gateway battalion board a CH-47 Chinook of the Illinois Army National Guard for transportation to their weekend training exercise. Gateway battalion consists of ROTC cadets from local St. Louis schools, including Washington University.

The new year with all the works

The weekend in review: tons of music

Photos of WU Pops and Stamm playing and singing over the weekend.

Falling down to raise awareness

Students pretend to drop dead outside Olin Library to raise awareness about North Korean refugees through an organization called LiNK. The event aims to illuminate the situation in North Korea: the starvation, the concentration camps, the governmental abuse, the lack of freedom and justice. The exhibition’s goal is to reach out and make students aware of the North Koreans’ invisible suffering.

Building Sukkah City

Jennifer Wong and Alexander Morley, second year graduate students in the Master of Architecture program at Washington University, assemble the structure they designed for Sukkah City 2011, a university-sponsored competition centered around the Jewish high holiday.

Memorial ceremony honors McLeod

When Chancellor Emeritus William H. Danforth asked community members at a memorial for the late Dean James Earl McLeod to stand if he had helped them become better people, every seat covering the Washington University Field House floor was emptied.

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