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Starbucks in Bauer Hall to open on Monday for start of classes

The full-service Starbucks in Bauer Hall will open on Monday, Aug. 25 along with the new Bauer Hall Cafe. The Starbucks will accept gift cards and Bear Bucks, but not meal points.

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Haagen-Dazs returns to campus following student feedback

I scream, you scream, Washington University students screamed for ice cream—and Dining Services listened. After a remarkable amount of student feedback, Dining Services decided to bring back the well-loved Haagen-Dazs ice cream products to Paws & Go and the Village’s Millbrook Market.

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Ursa’s dining options expand across campus

The DUC is going Greek, and Cherry Tree Cafe is going French-Asian. Some foods that were previously served in Ursa’s Cafe, which closed last November, are now being served at other eateries on campus.

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Jamba Juice makes smooth entrance to Cafe Bergson

Mango-A-Go-Go is a-going to be the new thing at the DUC. Cafe Bergson reopened on Sunday with a surprise for students: the fresh fruit and yogurt smoothie station had been replaced by a Jamba Juice smoothie station.

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Dining Services supports local dairy farmers

Less than an hour from campus, a farm in Trenton, Ill., will soon be the source of Washington University’s entire yogurt supply—if Bon Appetit Management Company, the supplier of food to Dining Services, gets its way.

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Ursa’s Cafe to halt food service: Declining revenues lead to Nov. 24 stop date

Friday night crepes at Ursa’s will soon be a thing of the past. Dining Services is permanently discontinuing food service in Ursa’s Cafe after Nov. 24 due to a decline in popularity that has made the space a losing investment.

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Wage increase for employees has no effect on students

Students hoping for a wage increase along with Washington University’s full-time employees shouldn’t get their hopes up. As of July 1, the minimum hourly wage for full-time, permanent University employees was increased from $10 to $10.50. The amount is significantly more than Missouri’s required minimum wage of $7.

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Crackdown on brunch sharing causes student controversy

Students taking brunch without paying for it might be bargaining for more than a free omelet and pizza. While sharing wristbands with friends might not be an unprecedented way for underclassmen to save meal points, students caught taking food without paying the $9.

Dylan Basset | Contributing Reporter

Change worries students: Food price hikes raise concern, reflect overlapping factors

For students wondering if the price of a sandwich is 5 cents higher than it was last year—no, they’re not crazy. Student concern over high campus food prices has mounted as the prices continue to rise while portions meanwhile remain the same or decrease.

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‘Incubator’ Ursa’s space to be dictated by student feedback

From hot chocolate to artisan coffees to bubble tea—whatever comes next, the students will decide. The space in Ursa’s previously occupied by Bloom Coffee—and in previous years a hot chocolate bar—has been renamed The Incubator, a space where students can voice their opinions about what they’d like to see.

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