VIDEO: Getting to know a women’s cross country transfer star as the Bears win their seventh straight conference title

In the days leading up to the championship, Student Life interviewed graduate student Kiera Olson, who has been one of several key scorers for the Bears this fall.

and | Senior Sports Editor and Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 6: The arts are back on campus

The Student Life arts and entertainment editors explain how they are covering the return to in-person events this semester.

| Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 5: Mental health on campus

Recent news on campus mental health includes the introduction of a new telehealth service and Uncle Joe’s focus on suicide prevention efforts.

| Senior Scene Editor

VIDEO: WashU campus comes back to life

Student Life staffers talked to WashU students across campus about what it’s like to have the full student body on campus again after more than a year of remote and hybrid instruction.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 4: WashU finally goes need-blind

This decision follows the recent announcement of the 65% increase in the endowment pool return but students have been advocating for this policy as early as 2004.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 3: WashU is 5.7 billion dollars richer

The unprecedented increase in the University’s endowment has led to questions about where the money should be spent.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 2: Where’d the food go?

This week’s podcast explores the supply chain issues and staffing shortages that have led to some changes in the campus dining experience.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Editor’s Note season 2 episode 1: International students face difficulties accessing vaccines

Senior Multimedia Editor Kamala Madireddi discusses obstacles international students faced when accessing vaccines.

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Student Life staffers show you their favorite campus spots

In this short video introduction to campus, members of the Student Life staff discuss underrated places on the Danforth Campus. 

| Senior Multimedia Editor

Introducing Looking Back: A three-part audio series

With vaccine rollout in the past six months chipping away at the COVID-19 style of life in the United States, we hope that Looking Back will serve as a record of the pandemic year(s) at Wash. U.

and | Staff Reporter and Senior Scene Editor

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