Staff Editorials

Staff Editorial: Need-blind is a cause for celebration; here’s what should come next

While the change to need-blind admissions has been long-desired — almost an unachievable fantasy — this turn of long-halted gears on a highly supported admissions modification is commendable. It also shows that plenty of other “fantastical” financial changes are equally possible. 

Staff Editorial: WashU, keep your word and put the endowment to good use

We want to see the University keep its word and actually put the funding toward student support and programs that directly benefit the WashU and St. Louis community — not towards aesthetic changes and facility expansions that have no real impact on the WashU student experience.

Staff Editorial: Make an effort to support campus events

The stress of the semester is starting to pick up; we’re going to start entering testing periods and crunch times. A great way to relieve some of that stress, even  just for a few hours, is by supporting student activities in whatever way you can. It’s been well over a year of barely being able […]

Staff Editorial: The University must support its students

The University’s communications this week have shown a clear lack of empathy for its students.

Staff Editorial: Students: We must prioritize listening to and protesting with survivors

Last Friday’s vigil is a reminder that there should be no place for rape culture on WashU’s campus.

Staff Editorial: Innovations from virtual semesters we’d be sad to see go

Not every adaptation made in the last year should go as WashU returns to something like normalcy.

Staff Editorial: COVID-19 is still here — we need free, no-questions-asked testing

While a return to some semblance of normalcy is exciting, we still need resources to navigate that normal. Currently, there’s a specific area in which we insist that the University is not providing sufficient resources — testing.

Staff Editorial: As the semester comes to an end, reflect on lessons learned during COVID-19

Reflecting on lessons we have learned during COVID-19 may help us create a better future. Of these lessons, one central theme emerges—being more cognizant and respectful of others and our surrounding communities.

Staff Editorial: It’s time to talk about George Washington, his statue and his legacy

After recent student protests sparked campus conversation, it’s time we as a university come to terms with the full meaning of our name: Washington University in St. Louis.

Staff Editorial: Wellness is more than a day off

Wellness days aren’t the answer to student mental health problems at Wash. U.; we need improved, equitable mental health services.

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