Staff Editorials

Staff Editorial: Let the snow day remind you to appreciate essential workers

Both the students and WashU should remember that the campus’s essential workers are people, too.

Our societally accepted addiction: technology, social media and the need to break away

Why I terminated my social media accounts and how it has helped me focus and enjoy the world more.

| Senior Editor

Staff Editorial: WashU, don’t raise tuition

A WashU education continues to grow pricier, but after a pandemic and record endowment growth, the University should consider the necessity of raising tuition yet again.

Staff Editorial: Mandate the booster

The lack of a booster mandate is confounding at best and troubling at worst.

Staff Editorial: How your participation in Greek Life enables continued harm

After outcry against the systemic oppression Greek Life perpetuates, more than half of sorority and fraternity members dropped. Now, those same organizations are making a comeback – but we shouldn’t let them.

Staff Editorial: Once again, we need reform, not another public safety committee

In response to the failure to partner with Behavioral Health Resources, WashU plans to create another task force. We need action, not another committee.

Staff Editorial: Reflections on WashU social life

WashU’s social scene doesn’t have to be bars and clubs – student groups and friend groups can make their own social life.

Staff Editorial: Our Spring 2022 class recommendations

If you’re struggling to find electives to take next semester before registration, here are our suggestions.

Staff Editorial: How to do Parent & Family Weekend right

For those who plan to visit St. Louis this weekend, remember that you are just that — visitors. Whatever you do for Parent & Family Weekend, do it mindfully.

Staff Editorial: The flu shot deadline is coming up – here’s how you can get the shot

With the University’s flu shot deadline approaching, here are some ways to get a shot off campus.

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