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What we were promised: reflections of a graduating senior

COVID-19 has irreparably changed our college experience, but juniors and seniors have a particularly tragic story — we were promised something that was ultimately pulled right out from under us. 

| Staff Writer

The parental right to kill a mockingbird (and other important texts)

Book bans are on the rise. Banning books erases the experience of marginalized communities to center those of non-marginalized students.

| Staff Writer

Ahead of Black History Month, consider what you take for granted

It’s our responsibility to participate in an active and ongoing process of learning, unlearning and relearning.

| Senior Forum Editor

An in-person return must include pandemic accommodations

WashU, a return to in person classes should not mean a return to strict pre-pandemic attendance policies without Zoom options.

| Forum Editor

WashU, you failed your students and the greater St. Louis community in “The Story That Never Ends” vandalization incident

The University has allowed white supremacy to spread on campus. In light of this, the mural defacement is not surprising.

| Staff Writer

Stop gatekeeping the humanities

Ideas that everyone should read are written to be accessible only for scholars – this restriction of information, intentional or not, needs to stop.

| Staff Writer

Let’s do ourselves a favor and drop toxic positivity

In the long run, suppressing our negative feelings is worse for us than acknowledging them.

| Staff Writer

The emancipation of Mary Jane

Weed use is no worse than drinking alcohol or coffee. It’s time to end the stigma around marijuana.

| Staff Writer

Facebook and the prioritization of profit over people

Facebook’s rebranding is an attempt to distract from its current scandal — they prioritize profit to the detriment of its user base.

| Staff Writer

The do’s and don’ts of interacting with a grieving friend

Grief is a widely varied process, and everyone will react differently. That said, here are some tips on interacting with a grieving friend.

| Senior Forum Editor

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