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Facebook expanded its gender options, and your opinion is wrong

Facebook recently expanded its gender options to accommodate those who identify outside the gender binary, or those who identify as something other than simply “male” or “female.” As someone who happily identifies as female (and always has), this decision does not affect me in any way whatsoever. And I think this decision is wonderful.

| Contributing Writer

Women: are we human… or are we objects?

The other day, some friends and I were indulging in the shallow yet ever-intriguing topic of attractive celebrities. As the girls at the table listed off attractive older male movie stars (George Clooney, Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, etc.), I was surprised to find that my male friends failed to name even one older female celebrity who they found attractive.

Hannah Lacava | Class 2017

Tell us your: Worst Valentine’s Day Experience

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday, and unless you’ve lived a fairytale life up until this point, you probably have a V-Day horror story to share. For example, last year, Senior Cadenza Editor Georgie Morvis spent his Valentine’s Day alone with his brand new Neopets account. And Managing Editor Sahil Patel spends every Valentine’s Day with […]

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