Opinion Submission

Opinion Submission: It is time we fight every nationalism

We cannot only combat nationalism in America. Nationalism, wherever it is found, structurally privileges some group of people in an unjustifiable manner.

| Class of 2022

Opinion Submission: If you abolish Greek life, you don’t do anything positive

It’s safe to say that a vocal group of students at WashU want to abolish Greek life. Why?

| Class of 2020

Opinion Submission: Let’s talk about caste culture at WashU

Caste exists at WashU. The University should add ‘caste’ to their nondiscrimination policy to promote equality among South Asian students.

, and | Class of 2022, Class of 2023, Class of 2024

Opinion Submission: For our health and the health of our community, get a booster shot

The COVID-19 booster shot is safe and effective at preventing severe cases of the omicron variant.

, and

Opinion Submission: For space equity, dehouse WashU fraternities

By allowing WashU fraternities on-campus housing, the University prioritizes primarily wealthy, white students. Using these houses as affinity spaces would create a more equal campus.

| Student Union President | with Undersigned Student Leaders

Opinion Submission: How to help someone in crisis (even if that someone is you)

College is difficult for many people. If you or a friend is struggling with suicidal thoughts, here are some ways to help.

| Staff Psychologist, Habif Health and Wellness Center

Opinion Submission: A call for checks and balances in the allocation of Student Union funds

Student Union’s student group funding process contains opportunity for bias and should be reformed.

| President of Hillel Leadership Council; undersigned student leaders

Dear WashU: Please pay your taxes

The University owns many properties, within University City and other neighboring communities, that it doesn’t pay property taxes on. It should.

| Class of 2021

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