Letter from the Editor

On the coming year: Letter from the new editor

Hello all, As Matthew wrote in his letter yesterday, this is my first week as Editor-in-Chief for the 2022-2023 year. I’m writing this to share the rest of this school year’s plans with the community and to reaffirm Matthew’s calls for change within Student Life. The plans for the rest of the year are as […]

| Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the editor: On the resumption of StudLife’s online publication

This week, Student Life is resuming the publication of some stories online, our first articles since Friday, Feb. 11, when sophomore Orli Sheffey took her life. 

| Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the editor: A pause in production

Student Life is pausing production for an indefinite period of time in light of the death of Orli Sheffey, one of our dear friends and someone who contributed so much to the StudLife and Washington University communities.

| Editor-in-Chief

Updates to our About page for the fall 2021 semester

With the start of Washington University’s fall semester this week, the StudLife editor-in-chief informs readers of some updates to the paper.

| Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the Forum editors

As the semester begins, here are some changes to the Forum section.

and | Senior Forum Editors

Letter from the editor: On the plea for change

Editor-in-Chief Matthew Friedman responds to critiques of Student Life raised in a recent letter to the editor.

| Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the editor: Clarifying comments on our reporting

Managing Editor Em McPhie clarifies comments from a recent episode of Editor’s Note which were brought up in a recent letter to the editor.

| Managing Editor

Letter from the Editor: My plans for the next year of Student Life

We will tell the stories of the Washington University community that need to be told, we will think carefully about how we can serve this community’s people and we will take challenges head on. We will do our duty as an independent news organization.

| Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the Editor

In addition to writing the editorial, we had one of what will be many serious conversations about Student Life as part of the Washington University community and the absolute privilege we possess as a wholly independent publication.

| Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the Editors

The Student Life website was updated to include our editorial policies as an independent publication on the Washington University campus today. Such policies inform our reporting and editorial decisions and reflect those of independent news organizations nationally.

and | Editors in Chief

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