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‘Firefall’ beta shows potential

“Firefall” is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer online, third-person shooter game. With jetpacks. If you aren’t already sold by the mention of jetpacks, consider the talent behind the game’s developers, Red 5 Studios. The company was founded by Mark Kern, team leader for “World of Warcraft.

Kickstarting games: When the fever fades, will fatigue set in?

Early last February, Tim Schafer and his studio Double Fine Productions turned to Kickstarter as a means of raising $400,000 to fund a new point-and-click graphic adventure game.

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‘Mass Effect 3’

On Tuesday, BioWare released the final installment in its RPG trilogy “Mass Effect.” As a huge fan, I spent a few hours waiting in GameStop for the midnight launch, and when I finally got my copy of “Mass Effect 3,” I was absolutely blown away.

| Cadenza Reporter

20 years in the ‘Crusader Kings II’ demo

“Crusader Kings II” might be a spreadsheet, but so help me God, it is the most engaging and addictive spreadsheet I’ve ever played. It’s the latest in a proud line of unabashedly complex grand-strategy games from Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive, focusing on medieval Europe between 1066 and 1453.

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Playstation Vita a good buy for true handheld gamers

The new handheld PlayStation Vita (PSV) came out on February 22 without much buzz. There were no PSV Super Bowl ads, nor were there any significant marketing campaigns. No one seems to have even talked about it. For dedicated gamers, however, the PSV offers unparalleled console experience on a handheld with its graphic capabilities and dual analog stick controls.

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“Gunpoint” is the pet project of Tom Francis, an editor at PC Gamer UK and one of my favorite game journalists. After critiquing games for ages and having endless suggestions about how each one could be improved, he decided to try his hand at developing his own game.

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Getting lost in ‘Dear Esther’

“Dear Esther” is an art game. It’s lavish, polished and beautiful, but for all of its prettiness, there is no traditional gameplay to speak of: The sole purpose of the game is to wander around on a desolate island and listen to the occasional bits of narration that flesh out the story.

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Ski free in ‘Tribes: Ascend’ beta preview

I’ll shamefully admit that I don’t have much experience with the “Tribes” franchise. I bought “Tribes 2” when I was younger, yet I was so frightened by the complex ESDF control scheme that I never got around to playing it much.

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‘Super Monday Night Combat’ beta preview

The original “Monday Night Combat” (“MNC”) remains one of the oddest genre experiments in games, and luckily it happens to be as fun as it was experimental.

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2012 Video game preview

With “Mass Effect 3,” BioWare finally looks poised to balance the RPG and action duality of the game, which leaned toward the former in “Mass Effect” and the latter in “Mass Effect 2.” New additions like melee attacks, a larger skill tree and weapon upgrades should make it a more complex game than its predecessors, though I’d wager that most people will be buying the game to see the trilogy reach its conclusion.

| Video Games Editor

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