Thyrsus adapts to COVID-19 with radio plays, play-reading group

Thyrsus is embracing the experimental aspect of their identity and using it to create theatre through different mediums and to view theatre through a different lens. 

Kamala Madireddi | Staff Writer

The show must go on: A. E. Hotchner Playwriting Festival continues on track for Fall 2020

Despite the closure of campus, the A. E. Hotchner Playwriting Competition & Festival will continue.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Men on Boats’ remembers explorers when history didn’t

“Men on Boats” doesn’t have men or boats, but have dynamic characters and clever set design.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Black Rep’s season opener uses minimalism to maximize performances

Sept. 4 marked the opening of the Black Rep’s 43rd season with “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope,” a musical revue by Micki Grant. With very little dialogue between songs, “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope” provides a social commentary that is still relevant in 2019 despite a publication date in the early 1970.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

‘Shrek the Musical’ brings out the goofy, campy side of WU med students

“Shrek the Musical” wanted laughs, and it got them.

Isabella Neubauer | Staff Writer

Student makes professional theatrical debut with The Black Rep

“Milk Like Sugar” centers around a pregnancy pact between the three main characters, 16-year-old girls and best friends Annie, T and Margie.

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

‘Angels in America’ to bridge the divide between past and present

This weekend, Washington University’s Performing Arts Department (PAD) will open “Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches.”

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

Inclusivity in sexuality: Washington University’s first ‘[Blank] Monologues’

As today’s society strives for equality, “[Blank] Monologues” gives a platform for college students to educate their peers and break down taboo surrounding genitalia and sexuality.

Leah Hardgrove | Staff Writer

23rd annual Lunar New Year Festival finds ‘Strength Within’

Aptly named, the production not only revealed its strength through the quality of its performances but also through the important issues raised in its skit.

Jaden Satenstein | Senior Editor

AST spring cabaret showcases a variety of student talents

All Student Theatre (AST) hosted its annual spring cabaret, “Gayberet 20Bi-teen,” as a fundraiser for its spring show, “Melancholy Play”.

Sabrina Spence | Staff Writer

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