WUDT comes back to the stage with ‘Return’

Sitting in the audience, I could not tell that the dancers had ever been gone.

| Managing Editor

‘Goldilocks Phenomenon’ explores longing and community

The performance, senior Grace Meyers’ dance thesis, used the Goldilocks story to examine deeper human experiences.

| Managing Editor

‘Pathways’ adapts to virtual format by bringing new filming techniques to dance concert

Initially, I was skeptical of a virtual MFA Dance concert. But “Pathways,” despite being viewed in a bright room on my tiny laptop screen, shone.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Plastic, pain, and power: As ‘Pathways’ debuts, MFA candidates reflect on their artistic journeys 

Despite the disparate journeys these students have taken to get to this point and the unique perspectives each has brought to “Pathways,” they did share one sentiment: gratitude.

| Staff Writer

Dancers for social change: CityDance and what our present moment demands of us

Beyond its primary objective,  to provide access and foster creativity among students, CityDance is about transforming the immobility of the classroom into a dynamic environment filled with activity and interpersonal connection. 

| Staff Writer

Go with the flow: How the WU dance program has handled the pandemic

The Performing Arts Department’s dance program faces the unique dilemma of trying to teach an intimate, physical discipline while keeping students’ safety the top priority.  

| Staff Writer

WU dance teams maintain community despite separation

Despite the closure of campus, many of Wash. U.’s student dance groups are attempting to keep in contact and keep dancing.

Aruni Soni | Staff Writer

WUDT showcases passion through the movement of storytelling

Washington University Dance Theatre (WUDT) presented an eclectic mix of dances in their annual performance this weekend titled “Coalescence,” ranging from emotionally impactful to humorous to strange.

| Senior Cadenza Editor

Capoeira Angola and representation of Afro-Brazilian society and culture

I spent my Tuesday afternoon huddled shoulder to shoulder in a circle with people I’d never met before, the vibrant beat of rural Samba dancing around us, a synchronous motion of rhythmic clapping dancing through us, as we shared a camaraderie unique to that moment.

Aruni Soni | Contributing Writer

Storytelling on toes: An Evening of Ballet Stars

At long last, I attended my first ballet show. The evening of Sept. 28, I perched myself on my seat at Edison Theater, containing the ebullient excitement of a giddy two-year-old in my small body. The lights dimmed, the curtains pulled away and suddenly, I forgot everything.

Aruni Soni | Contributing Writer

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