‘Tammy’ throws herself down and gets back up again

“Tammy” has Melissa McCarthy written all over it. Which makes complete sense, considering it’s a movie written and produced by Melissa McCarthy and directed by her husband, Ben Falcone. For the role of Tammy, McCarthy dons a bad wig, puts on cheap clothing and drives a car right into a deer. Literally. Tammy gets fired from her job, finds her husband having an affair, and decides to go on a road trip with her alcoholic grandmother. And even though you feel bad for Tammy, she isn’t exactly an angel herself.

Elena Wandzilak | TV Editor

Cadenza Calendar: Summer Edition

For those of you staying in St. Louis this summer, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained. Here’s a calendar of arts and entertainment events (most of them cheap or free) that you can check out over the next few months.

What’s going on at Brookings?

Still confused about why students are camped out at Brookings Hall? StudLife put together a handy FAQ to answer your most pressing questions.

Student Life earns 16 Missouri collegiate newspaper awards

Student Life, the independent student newspaper of Washington University, won 15 awards in the 2014 Missouri Collegiate Media Association newspaper contest, presentation slides by the Missouri Press Association revealed Tuesday. Honoring excellence in collegiate journalism in Missouri, the contest receives entries from all over the state.

| Staff Reporter

“Arrested Development” actor to speak on campus about mental health

Washington University students will be making a huge mistake if they are not in LabSci 300 this evening, March 31. Active Minds, Wash. U.’s student mental health organizaton, is bringing Jeffrey Tambor, of “Arrested Development” and “The Good Wife” to give a lecture on his own family’s mental health issues. The presentation will begin at […]

Taco Bell’s breakfast menu debut is solid but unspectacular

The A.M. Crunchwrap is just one of the new items Taco Bell is offering for breakfast. Taco Bell’s much-hyped breakfast menu debuted today, and Student Life was on the scene to try it. Will Taco Bell be able to dominate the wee hours of the morning much like they dominate the wee hours of the […]

Cadenza Calendar: Weekend Edition

Between W.I.L.D., WUStock, Carnaval and countless student group performances, the second half of spring semester is always packed with exciting arts and entertainment events on campus. Here are some performances that you can check out this weekend.

Knight Hall and Bauer Hall open

Too busy studying for GenChem to go explore the new B-School buildings? Student Life has you covered, with 17 photos of the beautiful new building.

‘Divergent’ rolls out the red carpet in St. Louis

This Tuesday, March 4, screaming fans lined the indoor red carpet at Ronnies 20 Cine movie theater for a chance to see an advanced screening of “Divergent,” a guaranteed blockbuster based on a young adult fantasy series by Veronica Roth.

Top Portlandia Clips from Seasons 1-3

With Portlandia started back up, and midterms in full-force, now is a great time to reflect on some Portlandia favorites to relieve stress and laugh a bit. Here are some of my favorite clips: 1. Around the World in 80 Plates If Craig’s Crazy Guac Tac’s sound like something found in the DUC, you’re mistaken. […]

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