Cadenza’s WILD pre-game playlist

Pump up the jams this Friday with Cadenza’s WILD pre-game playlist:

“Know Yourself” by Drake

“Know Yourself” is a banger, which is hip-hop jargon for a song that inspires an involuntary, riotous response—jumping, shouting, fist-pumping, etc.—each time it’s played. The thing about “Know Yourself” is that, in anyone else’s hands, it wouldn’t be a banger. It’s slow, its verses are rapped with feigned indifference and it prominently features what sounds like a wind chime sample. It has more in common with Four Tet than Lex Luger, but still, it bangs, because Drake can do pretty much anything he wants at this point. When you play this during your WILD pre-game at least 30 percent (a conservative estimate) of the room will lose it and everyone will be more excited about WILD than before. You can thank Drake for being the gift that keeps on giving. —Mark Matousek

“King Kunta” by Kendrick Lamar

No explanation necessary. What can rile you up more than Kendrick angrily weaving raps over a funk bass line? The electronic notes revolve slowly in the background as the song’s intensity slowly builds. Just as you have been struggling through the week of midterms and projects, you have reached the primary event of the fall semester and are, like Kendrick, ready to run this game. He ain’t stressin’, and neither are you. By the time you hear the next pop, the WILD spirit shall be within you. —Tyler Friedman

“Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind

Sure, Kygo is the “official” WILD headliner, but in our hearts we all know that Third Eye Blind is the one, true headliner. Maybe Third Eye Blind won’t get the chance to perform to a field full of boxed-water-drinking students raised on the band’s jams, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be part of an intimate pre-game session. From the banging power chords to that oh-so-memorable chorus, this is the one song that will pump up your pre-game like no other. Go ahead, sing it with me! “Doot doot doot, doot doot doot do!” So catchy! Put on this late-’90s jam and pretend you never graduated from preschool. —Noah Jodice

“Spectrum” by GoldLink

This new Missy Elliott-sampling dance-rap gem from D.C. rapper GoldLink is nothing short of essential. Disclosure could have learned a few things on how to successfully merge the two genres after sailing pretty far wide of the mark with “Caracal,” but “Spectrum” fills the hole left in your playlist pretty darn well. GoldLink spits about the first time he fell in love whilst riding the beat with absolute ease. The production is great, too; the synths soar, the drums bang and it’s light enough that you don’t really need to care about what he’s saying (very, very important for your pre-game). Who didn’t want another rapper to play WILD? I blame all of you for Kygo. —Harry Butt

“Fight (Nymphs IV)” by Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar went under everyone’s noses and released what is probably the best electronic album of the year with his “Nymphs” series, and his most recent addition, “Fight,” is also probably the best dance track of the year so far. Through these eight and a half minutes, Nico puts you through more emotions than Kygo pretty much ever will. It’s beautiful, strange and undeniably massive (those last 90 seconds, though). If you’re looking for an easy way to turn your pre-game a little weird before you go and make some even weirder decisions, then this one’s for you. If not, you aren’t deserving of it, anyway. —Harry Butt

“Singapore” by Tom Waits

Every pre-game needs a song to break up the party and get people out the door and on their way to Brookings Quadrangle. “Singapore” is that song. It is truly a sea shanty to disturb all other sea shanties. It has no place in a traditional party playlist. Its only goal is to get people to put down their drinks and pick up their jackets. The instrumental parts are just grating enough to send every guest looking for earplugs. Waits provides his classic gravelly baritone, singing of beautiful locales like the sewers of Paris. What instrument is making that weird droning noise, you ask? Perhaps it’s your party guests, grumbling their way out the door and over to WILD. —Noah Jodice

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