Life after… W.I.L.D.

| Cadenza Reporter

All I can say is wow…my first W.I.L.D. was even more wild than I thought W.I.L.D. could be. Out of the dozens and dozens of stories I’ve heard from my upperclassmen friends, not one could even begin to accurately describe the phenomenon that is the concert in Brookings Quad.

As a freshman, I had no idea what to expect, yet my expectations were blown away by what W.I.L.D. actually was. Before going to the concert, I ventured into a frat for the first time at this school. All I found was about five girls dancing to Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.” At that moment, I began to question W.I.L.D.’s reputation and thus my expectations began to plummet. After my friends and I decided to leave, we ended up at a crowded frat. My expectations began to rise. But that frat got really boring really quickly and ended with the sounding of the fire alarm. That’s when my expectations reached their low. Sometime later, I ended up back on my floor, debating whether or not W.I.L.D. was worth the energy, but I eventually decided to initiate myself into the Wash. U. W.I.L.D. culture.

While I was traversing the underpass, I found myself staring at the hordes of people walking toward Brookings. My skepticism began to fade away. Never had my adrenaline begun to rush so quickly. As soon as I entered Brookings Quadrangle, I immediately felt deaf from the combination of shouting, laughter and music, but everything was wonderfully overwhelming. I rushed from place to place, meeting upperclassmen, freshmen I hadn’t seen since Multicultural Weekend, my friends and about a million other people. The atmosphere was just amazing. I ended up in a mosh pit singing songs and watching friends dance whom I would never have expected to dance.

The energy in the air was contagious. I have never felt more a part of the Wash. U. culture. For the first time, I was able to rock out with all of my peers instead of just seeing them in six hours of classes. I felt closer to my classmates, even without ever meeting them. W.I.L.D. was liberating and exciting. Nothing can beat talking to drunk people, so an organized cluster of them is even better.

Whoever said nerds don’t know how to party, has obviously never been to Wash. U.’s W.I.L.D.

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